Branchsto BSD, Permainan Berkuda Dekat Jakarta
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Branchsto BSD, Permainan Berkuda Dekat Jakarta

August 13, 2019

Friends now I’m at Branchsto BSD So many activities inside here Let’s go! Branchsto is located in BSD Tangerang Branchsto is an equestrian park This place is a nice place for horse riding near to Jakarta You can enter to Branchsto for free However, you need to purchase a ticket for every rides here In Branchsto the most attractive ride for children is Pony Ride You can choose to ride a horse or a pony The other ride is Log Train You can go around by pedaling and see Branchsto from the top You can also learn archery in Branchsto You can also take the train here Both small train like this or this train to go around Branchsto area If you like to play ATV you can play ATV in Branchsto You can also feed the pony There are some Shetland ponies in Branchsto If you are hungry, you can come to the Cafe & Resto in Branchsto Actually, you can also learn to ride a horse here You can also see a big turtle and some other animals in Branchsto And you can take some beautiful photos with the background of Cowboy area Friends in Branchsto has several activities here I already try most of them I really happy to play at Branchsto Don’t forget to subscribe Go Kene Channel Thanks for watching!

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