August 24, 2019

what is up everybody welcome back to the
channel another episode of world record Wednesdays where we break ur set a world
record every single Wednesday today it’s also an episode of will a juggle it’s
the first joint episode ever will it juggle was a series I did a long
time ago haven’t done in a while oh you guys have been commenting bring
bullet juggle back and so bring it back if today’s video does well gets lots of
likes lots of comments we’ll do another episode but this is kind of a test so
hopefully you guys enjoy it helping me out today
returning to the channel as well my wife Cassie Horton hi guys it’s been a while
since I’ve been here but a new job move crazy house getting ready but let’s get
into it here we go hey guys the way this series works
I put your comments your suggestions on the wheel and I try to juggle them
there’s a there’s a old fan favorite the flaming battle axe you guys have seen it
before most of you seen it before if you’re new maybe you haven’t so I will
trouble this and we’ll catch it on fire of course oh my gosh birthday cake are
you catching that on fairytale yeah well catch this on fire – good first round
we’re gonna use all the good items in the first round okay so flame battle axe
birthday cake and yes you don’t have to do that I just have one right now and a
beach ball don’t catch the beach let’s not catch the beach ball on fire okay
here we go I only got one try at this cuz I talk
about mess up the cake it’s pretty much done
pretty much done well whenever I light the candles with the battle-ax people might be the tough huh Wow I don’t know if it’s happened
that early on Sears before but I’m gonna say these three items do not chuckle
yeah that first catch right and also think I got wax from the
canvas um I kind of forgot that the cake was on fire after frosty all right well
there you have it there’s round one folks you know what I’m gonna try again
I don’t like I wasn’t this I wasn’t successful I hate not doing it on
will it juggle what are you supposed to be with that cake I I don’t know like do
you see that I do I think is dead what exactly did you accomplish no the
beach ball is actually the hardest thing to juggle attempt number three great you’re lighting my yard on okay
round number two fun right yes yeah yeah Oh No
Cathy this is Cathy’s idea this was not one of your suggestions because no no I
have this we just called it a gold spikey this might be the most difficult
thing to juggle on the list hold on can you just look at the camera
real quick what you’ve got red icing all over your face in my shirt so far oh
good suitcase so we cut super spiky
difficult not sharp but just awkward and uncomfortable to catch then we’ve got
small slippery we’ll get it we’ll get it wet we’ll put it under the under the
faucet far off soap that was all there’s been a lot of bar of soap comments over
the episodes and then laughing at least one of the bigger items I’ve tried to
juggle on this series man I can’t go over to the first round deftly was the
not juggle right I deaf I don’t think I juggled I don’t I don’t think I did six
catches definitely not because it’s the first all juggling video I’ve done in a
while if you want to learn how to juggle go to juggling that’s my
juggling store we’ve got all the best stuff from beginners to expert and if
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couple days and make sure you head over there to get some of the best juggling
stuff including the Josh Horton line of juggling balls okay here we go I just
got the barf soap wet and I don’t know this is going to be possible to juggle
at all so just just this is gonna be difficult
Oh ha that might work might work let’s not get it in the cake okay we write columns oh don’t you hate it when you drop your
suitcase in your birthday cake yes I think we can count I think on that
case if you haven’t yet make sure to subscribe drop a like drop a comment
with your suggestions of what you want to see on the wheel next time
usually I have the comments pop up on screen see if you guys can see your name
on these episodes so we’ll do that next time so make sure you drop a comment
with your suggestions for next time before the third and final round of will
it juggle I’m gonna break a world record well I’m gonna try recently a fan
shout out to Irwin send me a video from Guinness World Records of a man juggling
three samurai swords for 191 catches for the world record for longest time to
juggle three samurai swords I currently hold the Guinness World Record for most
samurai swords juggled and when I saw this record I I responded to the fan or
when I said easy and then I thought about it I was like actually I’m not
sure but maybe it’s easy so I’m gonna try right now have not warmed up have
not practiced have not traveled samurai swords since my Guinness world record
where I did four of them and now my hands are covered in soap and birthday
cake so should be good hopefully clean 200 oh you gotta breath it was like
first try easy but not easy easy yeah like I’m tired my forearms really
hurt when I got to 100 I was like oh no that could be maybe a new official
Guinness World Record soon also at like 120 catches I got this itch of my face I
just got my hair cut and I look good and I think a little like hairs are falling
on my face or something because I got so itchy like halfway through it but made
it through okay round number three here we go open soda cans says can but we got a
whole pack of them we’ve done mostly other things I was hoping to do so let’s
just – soda cans I got the baby ones cuz I thought it might be easier to just to
juggle more of them and that way we weren’t wasting as much soda and you can
take these in your lunch Cassie oh thank you were they open them and go for five
do I start with three boy stuff I’d say go for five go big or go home just start
with five shake them up first oh yeah start for Oh soda cans juggle I can definitely cut
it on three and four juggled and five is kind of tough but thank you for watching
one I’ve got videos every Monday every Wednesday every Saturday so make sure
you subscribe if you haven’t yet we’ve got our house tour coming soon so do you
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today that’s all for now love you guys bye I’m sorry to the guy who said that but
I’m Josh Horton cocky

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