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Breyer collection tour

August 17, 2019

hey guys i have a request by a friend to do it delay and uh… collection to work i don’t really know what all the prison
staff ’cause they’ve already paid much attention asap so i guess i’ll just tell you their
names and then there’s me and i call them uh… bases for i think that lancelot heres cheerio or lila here is six and seven eighths technique right here is that you’re going to be
his for there are here is pretty sick so cartridges and i think they are still call poker
jump again signed abilene tx caseydate uh… down here is pickens any or caesar here’s heartbreaker exactly news yes yes
yes my dog kind of doctor lee’s here ends
with alexander done so upset uh… and here’s do you know in time for irene this is j_j_ here is a neon tye phoenix and actually tourists you’re never a recent little mister
caesar kept falling on top of her terry dot com explaining protested for you buttons that say about that and abusing treats this hotel warped
lady so matter of fact off except state-owned forecast baja twilight sanding down each of us takes place kamini wildblue for nellie um… they checks to cash for her ratio and then here is thought kalyana and there’s com kodak amount by michael hambrecht
because he’s a magnum brett looks like a pet from acs contract isadore chris bury paragraph here is stormy or spon paro kazinski um… those are my traditionalists and then i got sdn classic about possibly be a little bit classic
style spherion rain old classics and then he is not stable makes there’s kavali packed in a box boxes three boxes i’d love that makes pain here abt my boxes of many head back
swimmingly for the bond um… another’s requests that i got
colleague didn’t mean definitely campaign promises found on the show that’s you know and
then my my signed by the valley the out years in the wrong fabrications someone haha sits on the intimate seemingly needs so it’s not that’s the end of my
collection poor and we are not making money to buy and
brown well cuz i waited now get back to you

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