Breyer Horse Movie “Are You Afraid of the Boogeymare?” Halloween Short Film Special
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Breyer Horse Movie “Are You Afraid of the Boogeymare?” Halloween Short Film Special

August 11, 2019

[ominous music] [owl hooting] It’s getting dark. We should go home. Oh, come on, we can stay out a little while longer. Hey, let’s go in the forest. We can maybe see an owl or some bats. We’ve never been in the forest at night before. What?! No we can’t. The boogeymare lives in there. Oh brother. And it’s dark. That’s when the boogeymare comes out and gets foals. Oh come on. There’s no such thing as the boogeymare. There’s not? But mama says- Mama just made that up! But why would she do that? To make us listen to her But what if she did it? What if the boogeymare is real? It’s not. There’s no such thing. Now are you coming with me, or are you going to head back home alone… in the dark No, no, I don’t want to be alone. Then let’s go! [ominous music] [crickets chirping] [owl hooting] Keep a listen out for any owls. Okay. I’ll just keep a listen for the boogeymare. Oh, brother. She could be out there looking for little foals to snatch away. I wonder what she’ll do with us. Would you relax already? Even if the boogeymare was real–which she’s not– I could take her on no problem. You really think so? Of course. Did you see how hard I kicked Lenny the other day? The boogeymare’s got nothing on me. [leaves rustling] Ah! What was that!? Probably just another animal or an owl catching something. Calm down would ya? [whimpering] [Jason whimpering] [distant horse whinny] That wasn’t an owl. it’s just another horse then. No big deal. It’s the Boogeymare… Hush. Hello?! Some horse out there?! [horse scream] [Judith] Okay. Yeah. Ha ha. Very funny. Nice job scaring two foals, but jokes over now. Okay? We’re just gonna head back home P-please don’t hurt us, boogeymare. It’s not the boogeymare. Then why isn’t the other horse talking to us? Maybe they have a sore throat or something. I don’t know. Come on. Let’s just get out of here [Incoherent noises] I think we already passed this twig. No, we didn’t. All twigs just look the same. No, I think we’re lost. We’re… we’re not. I know the way home. We’ve been in this forest before. B-but not at night. [horse noises] [leaves rustling] [Jason] Judith, I’m scared. [Judith] Don’t be scared. I’m here. I’ll protect you. [Judith] Who’s there? Show yourself you c-coward! Don’t say that to the boogeymare. It might make her mad. How many times do I have to tell you?! The boogeymare isn’t real! Come on, I recognize that log. Home’s this way. [distant horse whinny] [branches breaking] [gasps] What was that? Judith? Judith? Judith?! Where are you?! If you’re trying to scare me, stop. [crying] Judith, where are you? Please, this isn’t funny anymore. I don’t like this game. [crying] [horse galloping] J-Judith? Judith, is that you? Judith? Judith? [intense music] [horse screaming] [horse scream echoing] [eerie music playing]

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  1. I'm not scared of the Boogeymare But i am afraid of the Boogeyman!! AAAH Stormy you're so good at making model horse movies!

  2. I'll be honest… I half expected the boogey mare to ask them if they wanted pizza, but I guess she's been watching too much Stranger Things.

  3. THE BEST HALLOWEEN FILM IVE EVER SEEN 😱😱😱😱 the emotion was so real! You’re so talented with filming AND voice acting! Everything went together perfectly! ❤️

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