Breyer horse unboxing!
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Breyer horse unboxing!

August 15, 2019

hey welcome to my channel and I’m tabatha actually so this is her first video today we’re gonna be unboxing Briers she’s gonna be unboxing little prince and I’m going what do you cut some wild goose so far [Music] [Applause] very very detailed I love this shading up in here and right here the shadings beautiful in all the little details detail just cookies are very beautiful very detailed and then as we get a parent into the face the eyes are detailed like most briars and all these ridges up in here it’s really very detailed and very pretty I think out of a ten I’d give us a nine and ten just because it’s kind of plain down in here even though it’s so detailed it’s just basically brown like I like little ridges in here but it’s not the most detailed but it what do you think on this out of 10 this actually kind of reminds me of the horse I used to ride up my friend my name was blue Wow that’s magazine or shall I call it what is it in French I don’t know fancy magazine beaver two books I always thought my books by my horses on my show [Music] Wow [Music] okay do this one is also very detailed very I’m trying to see that detail on it but then you kind of see the feet they kind of just start hating but then when you see this it’s almost like metallic very metallic so yeah it just kind of they don’t like there’s some sparkles in the main if you can see there but yeah where’s the doors right of time what do you rate this worse [Music] [Music]

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