Breyer Lead Tutorial: How To Make a Padded Leather Lead for a Classic Breyer Horse
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Breyer Lead Tutorial: How To Make a Padded Leather Lead for a Classic Breyer Horse

August 22, 2019

(music playing) Hi, this is Hannah from In today’s video I’m going to show you how to make a padded leather lead to go with the padded leather halter made in my last video. You’ll need: leather lace a piece of leather 2 jumprings a snap a piece of chain wire cutters and a craft knife To start, open the jumpring and put it through the eye on the end of the snap. Then clip a piece of chain 2 inches long. Open both jumprings and put one on each end of the chain. Cut and skive a piece of lace 3 1/2 in. long. Skiving is making the leather thinner by shaving off the backside with a craft knife. I thin the leather lace because it’s too thick for making model horse tack. Put the end through the jumpring without the snap and glue. Cut a piece of leather 3/8 in. wide by 2 3/8 in. long. Fold the long edges over and glue them. Then glue the leather to the back of the lace. And you’re done. If you’ve already made the matching padded leather halter from the last video, you can clip the snap from the lead to the jumpring under the horse’s chin. Get your FREE pdf download with instructions for both the padded leather halter and lead by subscribing to my newsletter at You can also click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I have a lot more How To Make Horse Stuff videos planned. Clicking on this picture will take you to the video for the matching halter. Thank you for watching. (music playing)

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