Breyer Trooper review
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Breyer Trooper review

August 24, 2019

Hello there, it’s galloping oak stables and today I am going to be doing a review of
Breyer Trooper he is my first and at the moment he’s my
only Breyer and I couldn’t have been happier with him. He is absolutely stunning I love his colouring he… In pictures he looks like he’s black but in real life and on some pictures you can tell he’s
definitely a dark Bay and so yeah he’s got lovely color
and you can’t see how good his coloring is from the camera
because it’s not the best camera in the world he’s got great coloring um… detail he’s got great muscle you can see the ruffles in his neck and he’s really awesome he’s got… I love his little hoof down here is lovely and so cute it’s got like a little stripe on it, I like it, it’s really cute. and apart from that and his star which is also very cute and well but very detailed and that his own markings but are not heed
the bay be he’s really key and his tail I’ll officially is really cool in he has been a main cause it’s been
hog and that’s the one thing that lets him
down because this mold I think was originally
made I might be wrong but I think it was
originally made with the main say when they took the mold or something and they liked it the may know and its not make you can see this Floyd group in it and
it doesn’t look the best but is OK it’s not a massive flow not might just be in by but one
thing that lets and now is white Moxley dust do show up on his co quite
well I’m but that’s just because he thought
top baby Cutler and but apart from that I’m carping too many balls with him so I just give you a quick am a viewing all tell you a bit about what is
supposed to be say he is a hackney cross per children gelding and he is cheaper the American all Canadian peaceful them is a real one hand the real horses very pretty host unisom here here they said oh really windy if you
haven’t when you pry annual considering it miss fun then I really do recommend him I got him because I love making tak model since I’m and his hope main it’s really good to making brian’s
mister occurs the main doesn’t get in the way
in he’s a great a great pony for anything is not a pony virtually allantoin but you you and me 0

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