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Brian Forced Mating | Family Guy

September 4, 2019

I go down to the video store and put my hand
on Love Actually at the same time as a woman, and I go, (LAUGHING): “Oh, ho, ho, ho! Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!” What about you, Brian? What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? What? Oh, uh, no real plans, I guess. Ha! Looks like Brian’s the only guy with nothing
going on. Well, Brian, if you’re stuck being a single
loser, you might as well just embrace it. Mmm. Oh, yeah. (GRUNTS) Wait a minute. What am I thinking? Chocolate is poisonous to dogs. I better stop or – (POT CLANKING LOUDLY) – STEWIE:
Happy Valentine’s Day! We managed to pump your stomach just in time. Oh, thank God. Ugh. Who sends a Christmas card to their vet? I know. It’s so lame, right? And did you see the lady outside with the
empty cat carrier? Ugh. Cry much? Listen, I got to go. You want to continue this sometime? Bye, Ellie. (GERMAN ACCENT): Is this the Veteran Aryan’s
office? No, this is the veterinarian’s. I think you want the Veteran Aryan’s Center
next door. Ah, I see the confusion. This must happen all the time. We’re ready for the German shepherd. (GERMAN ACCENT): Ja, that would be me. This is a very confusing lobby. (CHUCKLING) Hey. Hey. You think you could be with me? Right here? In this place? Oh, yeah, yeah, sorry. Sorry, Stewie. It’s-it’s just I met someone amazing the other
day at the vet’s office, and Well, she’s actually a dog. And it’s so great dating someone who understands
why it’s especially important to walk around in a circle many, many times before lying
down. So, that’s who you were texting with? Sort of. I-I was just rereading some of the texts I
already sent her. (CHUCKLES) That’s good. You’re rereading your own texts? Yeah, do you, do you not do that? Nobody does that. I’m so lucky to have met you, Brian. You’re such an amazing guy. I’d say we’re both lucky. Oh, no, no, no, wait! (SIGHS) Don’t-don’t do that. What-what? What’s the matter? Oh, brutal. Yeah, that’s gonna be a terrible car ride,
man. I would hate to be you, and I’m me. my owners made an arrangement with the organizers
of the next dog show. I have to have sex with whichever male dog
wins, whoever that ends up being. Now, Brian you’ve got to roll over and be
good on all fours. If Nathan Lane can do it, so can you. – (CLICKER CLICKS)
Wait, shouldn’t I be the one who clicks if I like the joke? You can’t just click after everything you
say. If it’s funny, I can. And so far, they’ve all landed. Unlike the planes on 9/11. See? No click. That one was in poor taste. Not funny. You know, I was supposed to be on one of those
planes. Yeah, me, too. And our winner in the male division is Brian
Griffin! – (APPLAUSE) – Yes! Man, thank you for all your help, Stewie. I really couldn’t have done it What the What’s
going on? Stud is ready to mount. Please turn up the lights. What? No! No, the opposite! In fact, could someone maybe turn on some-some
Drake or The Weekend? Ha! He’s blowing it! He can’t do it! Quagmire?! What are you doing here? Oh, I have an all-access pass to anything
in this town that’s sex-related. Offering manual assistance. Commencing union. Can somebody please shut those dogs up?! This specimen is unable to perform. Please bring in the boxer. ELLIE (GRUNTING): I’m sorry, Brian, but this
is what I was trying to tell you. QUAGMIRE: Hey, less talk! I guess this is good-bye. (GRUNTING): I promise to name one of the puppies
after you. Thanks. Whoa! Max’s grandfather may have been a horse. Is this the romantic ending you were hoping
for? Look, that was a tricky situation, all right? The lights, the people watching. If-if it hadn’t been for all that, I trust
me, I-I would’ve, I would’ve set her world on fire. No way. You didn’t even start the fire.

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  1. “Woah Max’s grandfather may have been a horse” of course stewie says that

  2. Stuck being a single loser? Bro, don’t ever ask a girl out on Valentine’s Day. Being single on Valentines is epic dude. Unless you already have a girlfriend. Then enjoy it. Just don’t rub it in because Valentine’s Day means nothing to most people.

  3. Love how seth casually mentions that he almost died during 9/11 but missed his plane i think? I dont remember to well but that punchline hit harder than it shouldve lol

  4. “Please bring in the Boxer” OMG THIS VIDEO!!! And Brian when he ate chocolate and fainted after throwing up…his body looked funny! 😂🤣

  5. Family teapot. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I'm a teapot I'm a teapot I'm a teapot I'm a teapot I'm a teapot I'm a teapot. (the goodies from 1975)

    Bless me with 2mins of your time and listen to my 1st song Hightalk🙏 almost 2k in 2 days

  7. I am so so glad that I was born a boy because it is the ladies that have to do the hard part. Get ready to push honey!

  8. i wish brian was forced to mate with me ;). SHIT WRONG ACCOUNT NO NO NO WHAT WILL I TELL THE MAYOR

  9. "I would've set that Girls world on fire" No you Would've Stopped the fire" (the end and I see) Why did this man get fired for a new video to watch

  10. If no one gets to talk about 9/11, let me just explain it to you, the actor of Stewie Griffin and Brian Griffin was supposed to be on the plane to New York but the plane was hijacked and was heading for the twin towers, so he actually missed his plane.

  11. This is a cartoon adult episode! Not for kids that is so dumb doesn't know wut is sex mean so this will be RATED!!

  12. Damn. I know that this is a cartoon but I feel real bad for Brian talk to his crush while she’s getting clapped. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. 💔

  13. 🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊

  14. Ok, this Family Guy ending was too far for me. Brian should not have let that opportunity get away from him.
    Fuck Quagmire! No wonder Brian hates him!

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