Broncos mascot Miles visiting young patients at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at P/SL
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Broncos mascot Miles visiting young patients at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at P/SL

August 18, 2019

(car honks) – Oh, here he comes. (women laughing) – Alright, you wanna get
some pictures with Miles? Can Angie get a few shots of you? – I might actually talk to you little bit, ’cause you’re familiar with this camera. – Yeah, Shaybo’s done this before. (woman laughs) – Shay, what do you think about that? – Shay, I like red hair. I’ll show you what you
look like here, yeah. You look pretty good. (woman laughs) (women laughing) (child laughs) – Oh, good landing. It opened just right. – Oh! You got him, huh? He’s using up all of your tissues! That’s like how Brendan blows his nose. (women laughing) – Did that horse just sneeze? – Oh! – Nope. – I don’t have time for it, but that’s it. – Uh oh. Do you think he knows how… (woman laughs) A horse playing the guitar? (guitar plucking) (guitar strumming) – Oh, that’s not it. It’s gotta be hard to play
without opposable thumbs. (woman giggles) (horse grunts) (woman giggles) – Yay! (woman laughs) (woman giggles)

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  1. As a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, this is cool when mascots visit sick people it shows that mascots care like friends and family.

  2. Feliz Natal Miles! Colocamos seu nome em nosso álbum de mascotes !
    Gostamos de você !
    Sandro e Eduardo de Osasco-SP – Brasil

  3. wheni was 6 my appendix bursted and while i was in their i met the captain fear and somr of buccaneers footballs players i even met jamis Winston that is how the buccaneers came my favorite team

  4. "Did that horse just sneeze?" it almost sounds like a sudden realization of a horse just sneezing, she kinda sounded like she was confused and shocked lol

  5. just love mascots when i was a kid at childrens hospital…got to meet mickie and minnie and tigger…who I thought was garfield…good times

  6. Same thing with blue colts mascot he went to riley hospital for children in indiana university helth to see kids in Christmas

  7. That is great, to see someone giving a sick child some fun and support at a difficult time for them. It just makes their day special.

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