BROTHERS – Staffel 2 – Folge 1 # Vergiss niemals
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BROTHERS – Staffel 2 – Folge 1 # Vergiss niemals

August 22, 2019

Hey, wait for me! Bet you can’t catch me! Hah! Gotcha! You’ve gotten pretty fast. Thanks. But I’ve got a lot to catch up with. Father still thinks I’m a useless little wretch! But that’s not true! You know it’s not! If I could do at least something right, maybe he’d be proud of me for once. He always says he wished for me to be more like you. Like me? Why? You’re so confident, so strong. You’re brave and smart. I’m just a silly, clumsy blunderbuss, that can’t do anything right. Maybe it’s true, I’m useless… But how can he say something like this?! It’s totally clear that I’m stonger.For god’s sake, I’m older than you! Mhh-mh..… We just need to keep practising, so you can grow big and strong! Then you’ll finally be able to make him proud one day! Yeah…we….need to talk about that… What? He forbid me to meet up with you again. What?! The fact that I am here alone, could get me a slap But why would he do that? He was pretty clear in telling me what happens if he catches me with you again. I am really sorry but I can’t sneak off anymore. My training’s going to start in a few weeks. From that day on I will be tied up all day… I really thought, our bondage meant more to you. Blood is thicker than water, you know that. I could never let you down. I know, I know. If you need me, I’ll be there. I promise. I have my place and you have yours. It just has to be like this. As long as we keep true to ourselves, nothing can separate us. Nothing can ever erase the bondage between us. …..As long as we keep reminding who we really are… But Eirik… who are we? Erren? Are you nuts to show up here in the middle of the day? You know exactly that no one must see us together. That would be my death sentence! What do you want, you ol’ wretch? I can’t remember letting you in. Oh Bjame, why so hostile? Were you still not able to get over everything that happened? I did my best, alright? Yeah! You robbed me when I was at my worst! And you stabbed that bloody arsonist completely cold-blooded. But my family died anyways in that terrible mill-fire. It was a miracle that my pregnant mare survived that night! Oh you were so lucky that I warned you in time, you fool! Without my help, you wouldn’t have had enough time, to save yourself! We both know that this is not about the old times! You’re just a bad loser and can’t bear that I’m not playing your embittered little war-games anymore. What. Do . You. Want? I’ve heard you’re planning a rebellion? The plan is… nice… yeah, indeed Nice? What do you mean – nice? Do you think Eirik would be able to stand up against the bundled power of his own folks? We both know this will be ending in bloodshed! Well, I guess you know best about that! What if I told you, I had a way better idea? An idea that would prevent a lot of innocent horses being slaughtered? Go on. Farah of Keldor is the engaged Lady of prince Aino van Alvarr. And a little bird has told me that your Veikko is about to evolve some kind of friendship to the prince. If we kidnapped the princess and threaten Eirik telling his failure to keep the princess safe to the Keldors, he will have to deliver himself to us. I’ll do the rest. Yeah, right! And how did you think this is going to work? Do you want Veikko to ask the prince to take his princess out of the castle, you’ll be shooting the prince, get the princess and expect everything to be doozy? The prince never leaves the castle without a four-headed escort, unless he has one of his lone-walks. And like it says – he’s alone, then! I don’t think you get me right, Bjame. . I’m not here to ask for your help. I’m just here because I wanted to tell you that your plan is a bad joke. You will push your people into death just because of your egoism and your thirst for revenge. I really thought you were more clever. Although the idea with Veikko was a good one, you have to admit. What should I do, Erren? Not committing suicide would do a great start! And maybe you should believe my words for once. Your experiences should have taught you better. I KNOW! YOU DON’T NEED TO REMIND ME OVER AND OVER AGAIN! But if I pulled Veikko into this like that and something went wrong, he’d look like a traitor if someone gets notice that he made the prince doing something wrong. And we both know what happens to traitors here. Mark my words, Bjame. Enough blood of innocents has been shed already. And it could get even more if you and your suicidal-mission are getting in my way No matter what. Eirik will not be able to hurt my family. Who am I? I’m Bjame, the farmer, who will bring down a whole kingdom!

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