Bugs Story #knowyourfeed
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Bugs Story #knowyourfeed

March 4, 2020

Bug is aptly named Hylee’s Something Special. One of the reasons why he is special is because
he is going to tell a story that all horse owners need to know. He’s also special because he lost his mom
and dad and is now an orphan. Bug may not be around long to tell his story
but he is going to make sure that his time here is well spent. Bug was just a blip on the ultrasound machine
when his Dad died. Bug’s Mom luckily survived but her previous
heart damage and muscle damage allowed her only to survive until Bug was 8 hours old. This is where the fight for Bug’s life began. Because of the complications of his birth
Bug had infections and has been on antibiotics his entire life had contracted tendons and
may also need surgery. Bug has a message for all horse owners so
this doesn’t happen to anymore horses. It only takes an M&M sized amount to kill
a full grown horse Any feed mill that processes medicated feeds
has the potential for contamination Medicated feeds are made in the same equipment
as some of your grain Symptoms mimic colic

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