Building an AMD Ryzen Work Horse RGB Computer From Scratch  PC Building Simulator Episode 3
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Building an AMD Ryzen Work Horse RGB Computer From Scratch PC Building Simulator Episode 3

August 10, 2019

Walking to mikegolden Games and welcome back to pc building simulator and this episode we’re, gonna be building a Custom pc from scratch it’s gonna be my, new Workhorse because we got this thing down here it’s got a really crappy and all the intel cpu and 2 gigabytes of ram This, thing i bought 16 gigs of rent, we bought a? Whole bunch of parts in the last episode for it let’s just start working on it right now this is a cooler master case Which that’s not one thing i really, like, about this game is all the parts are real Well most parts they got some generic but whoa, ok, that’s the first case that you can Actually just open the door it’s actually really cool, alright so hopefully, we can fit everything in here let’s start with the motherboard I’m not a hundred percent sure if this is gonna work, so i’m gonna have to mess around with the cpu and see Well let’s just get this in here and see if it works if not i’ll have to buy a New motherboard but this is one of the best-looking ones? unless i want to get a rise in card or cpu i mean i suppose i could But this thing’s got rgb lighting and everything it looks really cool, and this last bolt there look At that it’s got carbon fiber it’s got rgb lights Let’s try and see if the cpu will work it does not Turn it i don’t have a cpu, that’ll work for it ok? guys
So i decided i just get another motherboard this one’s actually a rison motherboard so we can an amd so, we got my, new card here and slowed down i got the amd risin 5 quad core 1500 x 30 700 megahertz so let’s install this thing here open that and Pop it in there there we go and let’s close it so it doesn’t fall out And let’s installed Thermal paste and do not want to forget that and then the cooling i got this arctic freezer which right now that’s one of the best ones that i have available i Hope i can get rgb ones and stuff later on but right now That’s all i’ve got so let’s install that cable to the motherboard there we go? And now that fan i want to remove? Do i have to remove the back panel i guess so we’ll remove this fan because i got rgb fan for this slot here and i wonder if i can install fans up on the top i Should, be able to looks like it doesn’t have, any to begin with but i can, always, do that later Okay, so we got this one rgb And let’s install that, ooh there we go? There, we go let’s turn around, this, way? That is rgb so we can actually change the colors that, we want it to be later and let’s install this back panel there We go it just looks like it pops off not a Big, deal and now let’s see let’s got two of these to 8-gigabyte once they’re actually our gp as Well so let’s zoom in here and pop that open pop that open there we go and? It’s a little, wonky there we go and? Pop that open Eventually i’ll get more ram but 16 gigabytes is you know it’s good that’s what i have in my capisi right now Not rgb but just 16 gigs of ram i think for 4. Gigabyte rams and That’s good for now? And then this thing is gonna be lit up like a Christmas tree when this thing turns on you, gotta remove, this piece so we can get to the storage drive bay all right and Am i missing some stuff for the case, looks like i’ll get to that later Now, we could install a graphics card now Msi, geforce gtx 980ti gaming 6 gigabytes of vram Golden edition, oh my golden games, what all right so it’s uh what we got to remove, these pieces here You have to remove that back panel, again apparently Ice will remove this even though i think that part can, stay so we’ll see And there we go let’s yeah so i gotta remove one more of these? There we go and let’s? card Install right there and screw that and we’ll screw that and then let’s install That piece cuz, that Stay there there we go, oh? That card looks great Can’t wait until i unlocked like the kingpin a 1080 ti Kingpin, edition that thing is freakin, sick i saw it i think i’m the steam file for it Okay, let’s see cooling is good power supply i For the power supply i got an 850 watt hopefully this thing will fit Do i need to remove this part damn there’s a lot of piece of this case that needs to be removed okay No, let’s install that there nice So open, case like this thing is massive Alright there we go, and let’s install you know what we’ll put that piece of shroud on later after, we get everything hooked up? Cooling, we’re good power supply we’re good storage some reason It’s not letting, me install the storage will you remove this i guess Let’s go to the back side open the panel there see will let us install it now What do i need? To install my hard drives We got, some more fans up front reboot it’s a hundred and forty and It’s ins got a lot of parts i think that’s a hundred, and forty millimeter let’s remove this 140 millimeters so let’s see can i get 140 millimeter fans cooling Doesn’t look, like i can actually get any rgb Fans right now that’s that big So i’ll just put that back on for now. Okay so we got that installed, now i’m not sure why, i can’t install my Sword drives let, me see let’s try to install the four terabyte, okay, so there’s that put the four terabyte there and Now the solid-state so apparently i can’t install solid state drive in this pc That’s kind of surprising? And can i not purchase, more drive, bays it’s kind of suspicious I feel, like i should, be able to purchase more drive space for now we’ll just have a 4 terabyte hard drive i guess Ok, let’s get everything hooked up And install it there the graphics card There we go? Go, the, fans let’s get these, hooked up It’s there there’s not enough room on the motherboard Okay, this is odd build i? Would have thought this motherboard would have enough spots for the power cables Okay, we got that? Apparently, there’s not enough room for these fans Let’s just get these pieces installed again. And let’s get this piece of you stroud installed all right let’s close That back panel, and let’s close the front panel there and let’s get these cables installed into the back There’s that one and that one hopefully this thing’s gonna run It might overheat, because there’s two, fans in the front apparently don’t have room on the motherboard So i just don’t have enough parts unlocked yet i guess it’s Oh man, did not expect. That to light up that is really cool But yeah, those front, fans are not lit up that fan in the back is rgb So let’s get over here no, os found whoops that’s right let’s get over here and? Install my, usb drive let’s get our operating, system installed There we go? Do i need to restart it i think so And let’s turn it back on now there we go, bootstrapping nice Installing cord drivers and stalling drivers and sawing marketing ids all right There we go all right let’s see, what do i need to install, well install 3dmark Actually this is gonna be my, new? Workload pc so i’m actually going to need to install everything basically so let’s install the emails All right i got everything installed let’s restart the pc to let everything, boot up There we go all right let’s check, my emails now It looks like, we are good here and let’s close that It looks like We are up and running i do have the rgb the lighting here let’s see the coolermaster case i can actually change And let’s do the gigabyte the rgb fan at the back, and switch it to rainbow speeds slow, that way down i Like it slow. Paced like, that’s pretty cool, even that’s a little fast but, we’ll apply that and can these be changed or no i Didn’t think so but if they can i’ll change it to rainbow. No okay so only those two and? Speed slow, close that, oh? Look, at that, oh? That is freakin, badass i want a case like that Like i just have static blue fans at mine But, man that is sick i love the led on top like, a the kind of reminds Me of alienware back in the day, i haven’t looked at alienware it forever you know i heard they’re not as good anymore Man look at that, oh? Okay, guys i’m gonna leave this episode here i hope you guys enjoyed it lemony who i thought in the comments below Let me turn my lights, off really quick let’s see what that looks like, damn that is freakin sick Okay, guys, let me know, we thought in the comments below I hope because it did enjoy the episode have a great day and see you next time Be sure to hit little bell icon on the channel that ways to enroll fide When the videos do go up and hit that like, button that really does help, me out way to do that diggy’s guess

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  1. sick program.Pc looks nice but realistically.RGB fans are damn expensive.I wanted to get myself some till i saw price tag lol.

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