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  1. Huge congratulations girl. I am so extremely proud of you for not only taking on the giant shop project head on but everything else you have accomplished in the past two months on top of that!….quitting your job, joining the guild as an instructor, learning the editing process and starting a channel. I'm so excited for you and I'm glad we're friend so I can watch your outstanding journey from the beginning.

  2. Anne, I live down the street from you. I have watched your building progress, and then when I saw you filming through the windows I wondered if you were posting to Youtube and if I could locate you. I follow April Wilkerson as well, and then I saw this clip. So happy you updated the building, as I saw it with the former owners. Excited to see your projects.

  3. Way to go Anne, what an empowering feeling. I used to live on that side of the state now I live in north east Washington. I was a firefighter in the Seattle area for 23 years. Now that I am retired I started my own youtube channel making things at our ranch. I am wishing you many successes. I found your channel via your 100 dollar blacksmith video. I have been a farrier for 27 years and on occasion do blacksmithing. Maybe someday it will be in the cards to do a collaboration. One of my very first real friends from youtube is Zach of all trades. I'm now a subscriber and will be following you.

  4. Good job girl! I know it's sounds like a pain in the bum – but are you going to paint the floor? Makes it easier to sweep up and totally completes the aesthetic.

  5. You are a very Humble person it's lovely to see that some still exist. Will have to subscribe to your channel.

  6. Congrats Ann I love your shop lucky lucky you so I've been a general contractor for 31 years and I don't have a shop that is what I mean by lucky lucky you I'm starting to build mine now I really like the layout of yours might have to steal some ideas from you and April love both of your videos thanks

  7. Nice work Anne! So cool that you got to work with Marc! Shout out from right here in Granite Falls!

  8. I'm sooo impressed with what you accomplished especially, for not having the previous contractor skills needed to achieve what you did. I'm glad that I found your channel via April Wilkerson's channel. Looking forward to watch all your vids. Great job on the giant wood shop !!!

  9. fighting for a dream come true! man that's the most joyful one in the whole world and the struggle and hard workings it takes is the most valuable.this project is amazing not only for being done nicely perfect but mostly for the dream you tried for.keep up the good job girl 🙂

  10. Wow!! This is such a great life experience that you share, inspiring and fascinating!! I'm so glad I discovered your channel. I look forward to following along with your journey : )

  11. " Ο ΤΟΛΜΩΝ ΝΙΚΑ " ! That's an Greek saying and it means that everyone that have the will and courage is going to win ! Congratulations for your courage and your will to make something better ! Hope you continue in this way and am sure that you succeed in every goal you set !

  12. I just discovered you and wished I did earlier. Outstanding, motivational and I cant wait to whats next…New Fan!!!

  13. I think I'm back into DIY mode so I'm playing catchup with everyones accounts. Very cool story. Time to binge.

  14. It's really hard to beat good friends! I haven't gotten my shop completely done yet but I'm gettin there slowly!

  15. I'm very happy for you young lady,great to see young people accomplish their dreams.
    And Your attitude about family & Community is Very refreshing & Heartwarming!
    Best of luck in all your endeavors! : )

  16. Anne, you are an inspiration and I am happy that you met up with Mark. What will you be doing next to improve your shop?

  17. Anne Of All Trades: Brand New Subscriber here! I loved watching you and April build that tiny house a few minutes ago! Can't wait to see more from you.

  18. I am try to build my shop either and really looking for someone who can technically support me… how much it does cost you ?

  19. So exciting!! Congratulations on the new shop. It looks great! Looks like you learned so much in the process. I look forward to seeing more!

  20. Really nice wood shop, personally I like the many windows delivering a lot of natural light. Since I am designing my future workshop I have two questions for You:
    1. What size is Your workshop (what is the ceiling height)?
    2. Do You think the space will suffice for the long run?
    Thanks in advance for the answer (hope You find the time to answer).
    Congratulation on this great work of Yours bringing this workshop to life!

  21. Are those kitchen cabinets under your miter saw? What's the height and the depth of the surfaces? Are they built up a bit on the bottom? Funny thing is I got a ton of close out builder grade plywood kitchen and bath cabinets I bought for my rental properties. So I was thinking about building something similar in my garage for a saw station rather than building the Jay Bates "Extravaganza" from scratch. Also it seems like many people build their saw station to have the saw much lower than what I feel is comfortable. I think I like my saw higher up than most.

  22. What a great story. Keep on learning, designing, and building – there is nothing better in life, especially with friends and loved ones.

  23. When you mentioned that you just finished your woodshop when Mark was driving up it brought tears to my eyes. I Can Only Imagine what a great feeling of accomplishment that must be. You are truly an inspiration.

  24. Nice set up! I was thinking it would end up alot more rustic! Still… Dream Shop! Nice tools as well. I love it when the fellow chuckles at your Wood stove comment, I think he was thinking like me, I remember when… (little things made me excited)!

  25. Congrats on all of the hard work and dedication that you put into building your dream shop. I am still a long way from having a dream shop. Currently it is an 8×12 shed, which I am slowly renovating the inside of to make it a workable space, and then pour out onto a covered patio which gives me an addition 12×16 space. Of course I am in the Portland Oregon area so that means it gets chilly out when I want to do something.

    Of all things, I really enjoyed watching the chickens walking by your window in the time lapse.

  26. I’m turning my room into a fashion studio. I’ve always been interested in interior design, but would you happen to have any tips when it comes to building things. I feel what your saying about giving up easy. I built a queen size bed frame & wanted to give up halfway through.

  27. You need to chop about a foot off of that sledge hammer… just because they make them that long, doesn’t mean you need to keep it that long… make the tool fit you

  28. Both you and April Wilkerson are a breath of fresh air to Youtube.
    You both rely on your smarts and abilities of your craft not by dressing for a runway show like some others do. I rank you two right up there with any of the guys, and better than some also.
    As such you will get followers for your abilities and your brains.
    Your husbands will cover the other part of the matter I would suspect, LOL.
    Best of luck, Ciao.

  29. Anne
    You learned the way I did.
    On the job training.
    I didn’t know anything about framing or carpentry in general and joined a framing crew and started swinging a hammer.
    I’ll bet this build gave you a lot of confidence to tackle home projects and realize that any mistake can be fixed.
    Good luck with this new shop. I hope to see some interesting stuff come out of this shop in the future.
    And you have April in your corner so you’re Golden!

  30. Anne, I am about to build my own shop from lumber I milled on the property. If you don't mind sharing, how big is your shop?


  31. Whoever the guy is can sure cut a wall holy cow. Cut that corner so smooth that it looks like a pre-painted drywall piece hung up before the ceiling!

  32. Awesome job Anne. I am in the process of working on my shop also (which is also our garage. I am insulating and sheeting the walls with free plywood). I am actually putting the first coat of polyurethane on the first wall today. I can't wait until I get my done. – Jeremy

  33. Just coming on board and binge-watching some of your stuff, Anne… You guys farm looks gorgeous. Congratulations on what you've accomplished. That is one massively massive bandsaw in those shots. Have you got it working, or is that a future project? I should go looking through your back catalog and see if you have a video about it.


  34. Hi! Noticed your channel in the collab you had with Joel yesterday, and had to binge all your videos in one go 🙂 Love your enthusiasm and energy – it must be a complete joy to be around you! Can’t wait for more content 🙂

  35. Brilliant! What a blast. What a great example of actually LIVING your life and building community you set. High fives all round. 👊👏🤟

  36. One hell of a project. What you have learnt through the process hopefully will stay with you for many years. Must be one of the best feelings seeing projects come together and be finished. Congratulations on your Dreams coming true. I would love to have a project like this.

  37. You, April Wilkerson, Lyn (Darbin Orvar) and Leah (see jane drill) inspired me to start creating things and not be discouraged because my arms are weak and I do not have experience or a mentor or a lot of money. I do not have a lot of power tools- just two drills, a circular saw and a cheap miter saw. But I really love to build useful things, custom-made for my needs. In behalf of all empowered females, I thank you.

  38. That nothing women can't learn about of want to try it I'm just finding your show I was looking for
    April's show thanks that is still really good hard working (young beautiful women)

  39. Holy hell, that there is the perfect shop. The floor space, the setup, those big windows, the sally port door.. absolutely perfect. I’m trying my hardest not to be jealous but… I’m jealous.

  40. Hey Anne, I remember being superman, and not sleeping. Guess you're superwoman..LOL! This recently popped up on my home page. You deserve good things happening because you show people it can be done. I was thankful for the help of my friends in building my shop and out buildings. I remember my wife cling up stairs while I was sitting and thinking about the next step. she said "wow you put soul into this place!" It keeps me in the present often . When I'm frustrated I step back and see what I've done and not what I've yet to do. I say in my little kid voice…"I did this!" You did this! All the best!

  41. unreal! I can't believe everything you (and everyone who helped) did to make this happen! You can tell this was and continues to be a passion project and express it so well. #AnneOfAllHeart

  42. Annabel, I always find myself smiling while watching your videos. Does my heart good to see your passion for woodworking. I grew up on Norm Abraham and find myself leaning ever more toward hybrid woodworking very similar to yourself. Keep the videos coming and as you say, Cheers 😊

  43. Hi, I just subscribed. Great Work.
    I'm in the process of renovating an old barn into a wood shop myself.
    Just curious, what are the dimensions of the finished shop?

  44. Great job and one of favorites because your family friend was able to pass his knowledge down and that's what keeps it all going.

  45. I plan on building my dream puppet shop out of Roman Concrete in the middle of a forest with all of the trees my wife and I need to make our wooden string puppets for the rest of our lives. It's a little more ambitious but worth it.

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