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Building sawhorses

August 11, 2019

Hi. Today I’ll show you
how to build a sawhorse. And to show that you don’t
need a lot of tools for it the only power tool I’ll use for
it is my Skill saw. Sawhorses like this are really handy for instance, just to use as an
outside workbench with an old door. I’ll be using the free plans
from my website. I’ll fit a link for where to get
those in the description. A tricky cut to make is this
bevel at the end of the legs. So, I set my bevel gauge to
18 degrees using this tri-square. And then
use that to mark on here. And, I took all the 4 legs and
aligned them up so that these lines form one continuous
line and I clamped them together. I’m just using small lumber
from a picnic table. I’m using a spare couple of
2 by 4’s to support my saw as I cut the rest of these bevels. These didn’t line up perfectly so I’ll have
to cut a little bit more off of those. Close enough. Now I have to put an 18
degree bevel on the end of the legs. It’s best not to cut the bevel
all the way across because that makes the legs much less
likely to split on the corner here. Next I’ll need to cut a dado
for the legs to fit in here in the cross-beams. And I’ve
got 2 of them side by side so I only have to cut this once. And you can cut these free-hand but I’m just using this little
square thing that I made earlier to guide myself perpendicular
as I cut this. I could have cleaned this dado
out with a chisel. But why chisel when you can saw? So, this could already be a usable sawhorse
but it’s a bit weak at the legs here. The next thing I need is these
plywood gussets. And I’ve already lined these out on
the scrap of plywood I’ve got here. Finished sawhorses.
How strong is one of these? Let’s find out. (Off-screen) You ok over there?
Oh yeah. (Off-screen) Ok. Oops. Hmm, stronger than concrete. So, everybody likes to brag about
how strong their sawhorses are. But, can your’s withstand a safe? Concrete? And a log being
dropped onto it? 2 Well, ok there was a minor
bit of damage to the top here.

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  1. Matthias, can I ask why you nailed two 4"x 2" together rather than using 4" x 4"? Was it just the timber you happened to have or is there another reason? Many Thanks, your videos are a great help to me.

  2. The normal technical work you do………This had me laughing my head off  its just "not you Matthias !!!!!!!!!!
    Brilliant I've tried my way a couple of times and they came out rubbish.  I think I can handle it now without having to concentrate on al that "Technical stuff"  !!!!!
    Cheers and Happy days.

  3. I know this is three years old, but just found it. Am going to use this design to build me a lathe stand. That way I get my miter saw stand back. Thanks for the design.

  4. hahaha every thing okay over there? Nice horses, im gonna make some of those. not the most practical for hauling around in the truck from job to job but theyre solid shop or garage horses.

  5. love you videos man, and i like the way you alwasy test the strength of you build by jumping on it or throwing stuff… using a jack and a weighing scale to test yor joints was pretty cool too…

  6. awsome video! i like the demolition attempt at the end . its like demolitionranchwoodnerd !
    keep up the good work!

  7. I am not a fan of the design because the doubled up horizontal top piece with the dadoes looks clunky. I would prefer to see a single piece of 2 by 6 with no dadoes.

  8. i make my own wooden posts, some of these are heavy, 6 to 10 inches in diameter, up to 18 feet long. i had been looking for a better design, i had one and it proved to be flimsey when i have about 1800 pounds on the thing. i use a draw knife to debark the log and then lift it (by hand) (no not muscle) into a tank for treating with wood preservative. this sawhorse meets the bill. i will recommend my wood working buddies check out your channel.

  9. Hay I made your seahorses thanks a lot ! I beefed it up by making the gussets go down further ,where I attached a shelf. I used the same dato trick to slip a 2#4 under the inside gusset ,then ripping the 2#4 at 18% . I then screwed and glued it to the inside of the legs. Oh yea I used and add screws all around. It was great and stacked but, I had the wood.

  10. Mr Matthias, I'm currently making these horses and following your plans. Thank you for walking us through the process. Will post my results. One of the best videos for diy wood working out there!

  11. Thank you so much for this video. I'm currently building some desks for a client and they want sawhorse style legs for it. I had an idea and was trying to figure out how to do it when I came across this video. You just saved me a lot of time and aggravation.

  12. I found this video in a search for sawhorse plans. I just made 2 of these. The video and plan made the process as easy as could be. Thanks Macchias!

  13. Good video. Love that power hammer you have. 🙂 Perfect sound effects. Was your neighbor really concerned or just being nosey?

  14. Hallo, what is the Dimension he uses in the plans on the Website? Is it Feet and Inch? I struggle with the conversion in cm/mm

  15. I would love to make these as I could use them but I live in an apartment in New York City and don’t have room to make them.

  16. I think I'll make these and just screw on a sacrificial 2X4 laid flat on the top with the screws countersunk pretty deeply.

  17. I like these, very easy to make, but I'm going to make the Paul Sellers design instead because I like the forward splay which makes them much more stable, since I'm only going to make 1 pair may as well make the best

  18. I looked at several designs on YouTube and liked yours the best. I will be building several, plus modifying two to 6 feet lengths, 2×4 legs and 2×6 for the cross bars for some heavy garage doors I need to build. I am going to try doing it on my table saw because most of the cuts seem like they would be easier on it. Love some of your other plans too. Thanks.

  19. "why chisel when you can saw?" Because it is one hundred times safer!!! Never freehand with a circular saw that does not have the base engaged. Quick way to turn your thighs into pork chops 🙂

  20. I really enjoy your videos, and in particular, your explanations, "I'm doing it this way because it has this advantage".. – it's those tips that I find most useful as a beginner.

  21. My papa would say I'm not trying to tell you what to do ….but if it was me I do this …so here let me show you how to do that! I miss him.

  22. You could even add a 2×6 to the top to increase the surface area and as a disposable work top if you needed to which is nice for sawhorses that get a lot of abuse on job sites to extend the life of the base and just change the top whenever it needed to be

  23. 0:45 I found that when I was cutting the wood like this, that for whatever reason, the gap closed on and pinched my circular saw blade. I had to come at it in several passes as if I was cutting a dado slot – anyone have an idea as to why that'd be happening? Maybe I just have a crappy blade or something?

  24. Dude, that was sorta dangerous throwing something off of a ladder that high on sketchy scaffolding.
    glad you did not loose footing here. entertaining, educational as always. i might try this build today.

  25. What would be an ideal height for a sawhorse ? Mainly to do sawing with circular saw. I know everyone is of a different height. What I meant to ask was, should the sawhorse be hip height ?

  26. Best DIY video I've ever seen… Awesome saw horses and the speedy fastening(hammering nailing). Thanks for sharing your craftmanship. Greatly appreciate it and the strength test. LoL

  27. I keep coming back from time to time to this video to see how easy it is to build strong sawhorses, especially after watching other peoples more complicated videos on how to build a sawhorse. you knocked this outta the park, Matthias. thanks

  28. This was the first thing I built when I started woodworking. Three years later this video still makes me smile. Thank you, Matthias. Hope your arm gets better soon.

  29. sorry old pal the real name we have being using long before we even discovered the new world,
    it's Call a saw stool, a saw horse is a wooden clamp device used to hold a hand saw when you sharpen and set the saw teeth as apprentices once a week Friday afternoon we had to sharpen all our hand tools ready for Monday's work , and every week for 5, yrs l used a saw horse, are making a,saw horse….Google it..for authenticity….happy saw stool making

    English Mik

  30. Don't let OSHA catch you on a job with homemade saw horses …….unless you have stamped engineered design drawings for them. Big ticket item……thanks to your cradle to grave / nanny state federal , over-controlling gov't.

  31. If you watch the end of this video in reverse, Matthias looks like a wizard who climbs a ladder to summon a safe using a magical knocked over saw horse after his assistant/neighbour says the magic words to make the sawhorse stand back up.

  32. Mr. Wandel, could a fellow use a good hand saw, if he can find one? I live in a small studio apartment and I don't think there's anywhere I could plug in anything. 8-(

  33. I absolutely love Matthias's videos. I really like it when he uses just a few tools to do the job. Awesome test on the sawhorse!!

  34. You’re the greatest woodworker ever, in my opinion. You’re a freaking genius man. Please keep doing what you do!

  35. On a union construction site…. this guy would be a joke and a good laugh…. before he was fired !!! Thanks for the funny video… great neighbors !!!

  36. Man, you put that ladder on the top of that unstable workbench, and you climb on it? That could end very badly. Anyway, good sawhorse reliability demonstration. 😀

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