BUILT – EP1 Horse Cycles
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BUILT – EP1 Horse Cycles

October 24, 2019

I eventually became just obsessed with building and the craft of it and umm…. It was really, I know it sounds corny, but it’s something I felt that chose me rather
than me choosing it. My name is Thomas Callahan and we’re at
Horse Cycles here in Brooklyn, NY. Charles is my shop cat, uh,
he’s a big chubby bear of a cat and And he’s my good buddy. He’s also my arch nemesis. And I love him to death. I came to Brooklyn from Portland, Oregon
where I went to school I studied sculpture…came a couple days after I graduated and I’ve been here ever since. If I could do math it’s about 15 years. Brooklyn has a lot of energy. And so that kind of transfers to
creative energy and motivation. There is tension here that helps create that motivation and I think creativity has a lot to do with motivation and kind of finding what your super into… uh, for me at least um… so you know… the energy is here and if you’re here you
want to be a part of it. I mean it’s nice to draw it out,
because you have an idea in your head put it on paper make sure it kind of
looks the way it does in your head on paper and then transfer that
to the steel you’re working with. This line flows from the top tube
to the wishbone down to the dropouts. It’s just real clean. And minimal. We got this Crazy Crunch Wild West Party Mix
which Charles is not allowed to have anymore because uh, he just got dependent on it and uh, it started decreasing our productivity here at the shop so… And this is how I kind of do fine tuning of the angles and get the tight fit. Basically the tighter the fit, the more secure the triangle, and more secure the structure of that bike will be… stiffer, more stable, stronger joints, less heat distortion, so I just really want to dial it in. Yeah, one of the other purposes of this bike is because there aren’t a lot of trail systems on the East Coast and up in the Catskills where I am, I’m going to put a rear rack system on this and have it double as a trail maintenance bike. Now I’m just…you know cleaning it up. Making it kind flow and look seamless so that when it gets painted it just looks
like it was meant to be there. You know, we don’t always think about
where things come from but… you know, really making stuff by hand really makes you think about that whole process and um, you know it feels pretty special to build something
that in my world, in my head, was only really available on the internet, and you have no real idea where it comes from or who made it. Basically I think that sculpture kind of helped me get into building and the craft because it gave me the confidence to pursue bike building. I love that people use the things I make,
you know, and they’re not… you know, they’re functional tools and so, the more those people use them, the more stoked I am about it. And then being able to work with other people, making bikes for them is just next level. That’s it. Boom.

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  1. Like the direction you are going with this PI! Keep 'em coming! PDX is synonymous with bike builders and to the point I guess, of exporting them to the uninitiated…

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