Bullied 2.0 Episode 1: Breyer Horse Movie
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Bullied 2.0 Episode 1: Breyer Horse Movie

August 12, 2019

Great, another school Hello, i’m Maka and unfortunately a new student at the Crystal Highschool I’ve never tried to make friends though, no point My family and I have a few secrets of our own Like one; we’re rich but we act poor to not attract any attention I’m sorry, are you hurt? No, i’m fine! You look new, i’m Adora I’m Maka Hey, where are you going? It’s rude to bump into people you know Shut up, loser Ofuku…. You’re the loser here How cute, you called your family to yell at me too. Move it, Astrid! I’ll have you know that we’re the rulers of this school. If I were you, i’d leave as if NOTHING ever happened. Who were those idiots? Like Ofuku said, they’re the rulers of this school I used to hang out with them I don’t know if I still want to, though May I know some info to…. You know… Use it against them Well, Ofuku is obviously the leader being the most popular Apparently she’s the most beautiful mare in the school, according to everyone Kurodayu is one of the good lookers. I’ve always fell for him once or twice.. Maybe even more Astrid’s the only kind one. The filly next to her is her sister, Odessa Ladasha is like another Ofuku… ugh, both annoying I think Ladasha is using Ofuku for popularity, and she abuses her poor little brother There’s not much to say about Cinna, Spencer, and Lachlan They kinda keep their information to the group Though, I have this major crush on Spencer.. *cough* My little brother also hangs out with them often, but he’s ditching again Are most of them single…? Just wondering I don’t exactly know, but there’s rumors saying Ladasha&Cinna are together, while Ofuku&Lachlan are together Hey, Dessa! What do you want, Jake? Do you want to play tag? Aint nobody got time for tag Sorry Hey sis, do you want to play tag? No. GO AWAY! Aw, come on please! Ugh, you’re SUCH an ANNOYING brother Next time, i’ll make sure it hurts more Jake, no! Get out of my way! It’s going to be okay, we’re going to get you to the nurse We need to talk You need to stop being like that to Jake Why, no big deal? Look, if you don’t change then i’m brea- Cinna. Come here You need to keep that galfriend of yours under control, ESPECIALLY with that colt Yes sir… I’m working on it Well, you’d better do it fast or else i’ll disband this little group and send everyone to different schools with no contact to each other as punishment *sighs*I understand Does Ofuku know? No, not at all Good, she’s my everlasting moon. I’d sell my soul for her If she were to find out, i’d… …….just, don’t let her find out. I don’t need anyone else finding out my identity besides you

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