Bullied 2.0 Episode 2 Part 1/2: Breyer Horse Movie(Read Description)
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Bullied 2.0 Episode 2 Part 1/2: Breyer Horse Movie(Read Description)

August 16, 2019

does this even look good on me?? hello everyone I would like you all to
go to room 108 since our school burned down everyone’s IDs were lost to
the fire oh yes ill apologize on behalf of the staff. I’m VERY sorry for us to be learning in a filthy envorinment. When the fire broke out the school had no choice but to buy
leftover wood from a slaughterhouse nearby and as you can see, it wreaks of blood and rotten meat here….. oh not to mention it’s not even fashionable well go along
now cheerio. She exaggerates too much and when she does everyone listens to her
people are a bit Mindless aren’t they yeah well let’s go get those ID’s
taken smile hey what does the status mean what
other horses call you but since you just got here it’s what the council wants
everyone else to call you what the heck why do I have to be called a trihard r
but not that I care ha I don’t know if you ask me this council is complete BS
uh what’s your status fake why that’s really none of your
business maka what’s up with those weirdos mmm sorry adora oh my god he it
just called me cutie I call it I know my mother talking you’re gonna be here she
didn’t say you’re gonna come today I’m sorry it’s okay anyways these are my
friends kerra dare you Lachlan Astrid Odessa la città and Spencer I’m calling
what are you wearing it’s so ugly shut up Liz asha she ain’t even do
anything to you let’s go guys we don’t want to catch
loser fever now Dooley what what you you can’t kick me out I just did hello Marc Whitten you want breath I
found a nice suit opener what by Sauron report nothing much man she
didn’t cause trouble today good continue to spy on her as a Riker you didn’t make
sure she hasn’t seen you right yes she knows nothing of my appearance okay now
leave you’re running the air you filthy Butler you

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