Cabbage Patch Kids Emmy Has Her First Riding Lesson [CC]

September 21, 2019

Hey dream team it’s TJ here and yes I want
you to call me TJ from now on but we’re here with a absolutely new
doll you guys actually probably know this doll ask your parents cuz they
probably had this but this is a Cabbage Patch doll that I just got from Target
the online target and I named her Emmy and I thought it would be really fun if
she goes to her first riding lesson so she’s gonna get ready for a riding
lesson and we’re gonna pick out her riding outfit we’re gonna send her to
the stable and she’s gonna do a little lesson with one of her favorite horse
please so we have two different riding outfits we have this purple one this is
from the build-a-bear and then we have this pink one from American Girl and she
can fit in both of them so we’re gonna decide which one she wants to wear
herself. Which one do you want to wear? alright you’re thinking hard she’s
thinking. Do you know? No! She doesn’t know yet but I’m thinking we wear the purple
one. Yeah! Yeah! Alright so she decided on the purple one and I love the pink one
too but I guess she doesn’t want to wear and she loves the color pink though but
she definitely wants to try different color right? Yeah pinks my favorite color! Yeah pinks her favorite color but we’re gonna try the purple one because
it just to me looks different I’ll be right back we’re gonna change her into a
riding outfit! We dressed her in the riding outfit and for some reason for me
it looks blue on camera it’s not blue but this is um the riding outfit and
then there’s also this hat which I don’t think she’s gonna wear it doesn’t really
fit but maybe we’ll wear it so we’re gonna head over to the stable and then
we’re gonna have her riding lesson and I’m gonna help her tack up the horse I’m
gonna feed the horse and all of the things so you excited? Yeah! She’s
excited to go riding and this is her first riding lesson so let’s see how it
goes Emmy and I now are gonna tack up
the horse she’s just gonna sit right down and we’re gonna put some of
the tack on so we have the saddle pad which goes right on top so that the
saddle doesn’t irritate the horse and then we have our saddle the saddle goes
right here and I’m gonna clip the saddle on and we’re gonna have Emmy practice
getting up on the horse. We’re gonna have Emmy practice going up and down on the
horse and then we’re gonna have her go and go around so she’s gonna get on now
and she should definitely wear a helmet so we’re gonna put that hat on her. Just
gonna grab that hat and I’m gonna attach the reins she does not really know how
to sit up on the horse yet, she’s learning so we’re gonna put the reins on
and she’s gonna have to hold onto the reins pink reins and then gonna have her
hold one in each hand you’re gonna hold the other and she’s just learning how to
ride right now and that’s good so I’m gonna go a little slow oh there we go
see you’re going! You wanna get off? Hmm yeah! so she wants to get off so I’m gonna
help her take off her reins and we’re gonna go and meet her back at the stable
so we’re back at this stable! You okay? Yeah! I was scary! Little bit! it’s a
little scarier for her but she’s definitely gonna continue riding right?
Yeah! I think she is so right now we’re just gonna take off the tack on the
horse I’m gonna just remove the reins and saddle and then we’re gonna give the
horse a little treat so we’re gonna have Emmy brush the horse and then give her
a little treat we have this bag of stuff we have a little scoop some shampoo a
little sponge and a little brush and then some extra reins which we’re not
going to use so Emmy and I are gonna brush her hair lightly right very lightly it’s a pretty
horse mmm she thinks she’s a very pretty horse and I think so too
she’s gorgeous okay you wanna give her a treat now? Hmm Yeah! okay we’re gonna give
her a treat so lets put all our stuff in the bucket we’re gonna give her a little treat. What
do you think horses like? Carrots yeah but where gonna give the horse a carrot nice! She’s
gonna give the horse a carrots, here you go did she eat it? Yeah! Yeah she ate it! Oh that’s nice to pet the horse yeah do you wanna do a little thank you? Wanna stand
right in front of the horse? thanks for watching this video of us and
little Emmy here enjoying her first riding lesson! What do you say? Thank you
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