Caller: The US Should Invest in a Ton of Horses
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Caller: The US Should Invest in a Ton of Horses

September 6, 2019

ll right, I appreciate the phone call. Thank
you. Let’s go next to our caller from the five one six area code. Who’s calling today
from five one six. Hey David, it’s me, John from Long Island,
New York. How you doing? How’s the vacation? Vacation was great. I thought it was really
good. Love that. I’m just calling cause I’m, I’m
just wondering why, how come politicians don’t, I feel like politicians don’t really run on
trying to make like America like make a lot of money in terms of like, like we could benefit
from uh, having a surplus of energy. If we had more solar power panels and more wind
turbines and had the ability to store all this electrical energy, we could sell it to
other countries. Like, how come we don’t really do some like that or even like just get in
the horse business, like owning a lot of horses, getting for the horse market. John, let me ask you something. You’re not,
you’re not hitting your phone with a hammer, are you? No, I’m sorry. You’re not on speaker. It’s
a little raining here. Got It. Maybe it’s raindrops hitting the phone.
Listen, w the horse smart you, you’re saying that the u s should get, should buy a bunch
of horses or breed them and then sell them to who? Uh, I mean not really specifically horses,
but I’m just saying cause Turkmenistan, they, they have a lot of horses and I believe they
somewhat have a good stake in the horse market. But what I’m really trying to say is, cause
yeah, um, uh, Russia and China, they’re like, uh, China’s specifically, they’re doing a
lot of solar panels. They’re making a lot of electricity and at one point they can have
a surplus. When you have a surplus of energy, you can profit off that much more. So right
now, today in America, the most employed, most employers are from Walmart and Amazon.
And that’s not really, we can’t really make money off a Walmart based economy. Do you
know what I’m saying right now? Yeah. It’s a, you know, you’re saying a lot
of different things and I’m doing the best I can to parse it, but just because of that
hammering on the phone, I’m going to think about this one offline and then follow up
and I’m gonna, I’m gonna let you go for now, but I really appreciate you laying out your
perspective. All right. I’m sorry David. No problem. All right, John from long island.
Very, very good to hear from you.

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