Calming Down a Hot Horse
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Calming Down a Hot Horse

August 14, 2019

now this does not will be a little fun stagnant because
discourses i’ve gotten a shag bit he’s deliberately got a little hot he’s got a little camps
and i’m going to show you what happens at these horses allegedly said mister
gephardt they get their hit up and they get in a
position worries it’s difficult for them to relax a math he started child from iraq’s action by
giving the state of and let that hit the ground hit as i read this course work with his
head blows weathers with those savings for the product
coming down so now they’ve not that i can do but let
this horse movie is fake to get com takin my keep in mind that that you colorado horse like this on the
trail that is that is hot intense whale he’s going to
go in he needs to move this week to feel safe i missed a lot of work this horse with
us here below is where the heck out a way for the horse to come to me and i don’t know whether i can do it in two or three
minutes i don’t know but i’m failing without horse to real action is mine and
it’s not happened yet but i think his head down and you know this is much much more
effective in a snafu bit but the reason on prime
news i’m trying to show you initiate beard to show you what happens to be in real
time in real life so as hit pretty walking their dogs distortion
dot com so i’m just going to keep work in that inside rain as that lasts inside foot is coming for our relation
operation that ryan and i’ve what i’m doing is operating on
their cell on his way for him to relax and come to me and he’s been there he’s getting a
little slower now how i’ll catch that when i start excuse force to stop and he
still has to move his fate welp if you still have to move his feet he’s not com he’s not common area
starting to get a little better about the whole situation but he wants to go
for two will just go ahead please hit down more and will start working with
the nervous force a lot of times you’ll get out on the
trails and you’ll have shared that silly forces
miles and they’ll give you this behavior ed on
volume of the more they feed into this type of behavior this portion of show
one the more in the horse becomes fractures the more i don’t make me comes and the
last minute go-ahead you know nobody ever got rid of a horse because it was a
nicely twinkling matter portion that everybody loved thereby l as this
one has wanted to be a little hot park record as a moral issue on the trail anodic on this horse i’ve got the
stretching out like that can start getting into listening to that bit unwashed reaching out to more list now when he gets a little mini reelected
sham back there inflation that backup that’s a good sign that he’s trying to understand how to relax and i can feel palace horses actin
finish top-line forgive me for part of my back tree on the camera but this is what it was real time which
it was a real nervous force and we’re dealing with you mentioned
that now and again it would be much easier to do this and i snapple bit with teaching point is to show you how
hard it is get disgorged comp with this type of beer when you use in all day uh… hot for a
whole schnabel so i’ll keep his mind his fate moment just in a small circle just like i’m
doing on the recall in the on the circle so he can so we can have
some relief from the attention it is my so now i’m going to check it
and see how much of work that they are swap stop i watch the horse to rest and give him a completely trying to be
more expensive to keep the speech deal he still holding committees wanted to go
but that’s okay so we go back to work to do the job you
start work how long will it take to get this horse
to calm down it’s akin to listen to quit doing that lot of it depends your result to get the job done my resolve is i’m gonna stay here wait
until a contract and i’d he wants to do some of the stuff
that you can’t fuck come back and check again and i’m really sad not feel com horst a much calmer horse he’s doing much
better i’m starting to relax time but you can see the fit to be in the
mouth but on the bridge it wasn’t in hers mouth thank you for the time for sharing this with you

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