Can Horses Grow Mustaches? I Yes or Snopes
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Can Horses Grow Mustaches? I Yes or Snopes

October 31, 2019

( music playing )We are back!
So are you. – What are the odds?
– Oh. Now, you probably heard
of the site It’s a site that presents the
facts around a particular issue to help confirm or deny
crazy stories,
unbelievable stuff. Comes up in conversations
with us. – Yes.
– Many times, actually. Sometimes we’ll
be at a party, and somebody
will say something, – and somebody will be like…
– You know how we’re at parties. – We’re all partying
all the time.
– Partying all the time. And they’re like, “Really?:
And then I’m, like, “Snopes .com.
That’ll clear it up.” Because they try to get
down to just the facts, just unbiased. ‘Cause there’s a lot of– – What is known about an issue.
– Not that… floating around,
especially on the Internet. – So–
– Correct. That’s the big thing. Now, for us, what we’ve decided to do is present
a commonly held belief or a fact
from an article or whatnot, and then we know
what Snopes says about it, but the other person doesn’t,
so we’re gonna present that
to each other and see if we can guess
and be on the same page
as Snopes. – Why don’t you go first?
– Okay, which– What we’re saying
is the side of the truth. That’s what we’re saying.
Snopes represents the truth. Yeah, they are reliable,
I believe. Um, Link, is it true
that when women– no, this is–
we’re getting right into it
today. – Just giving you a little–
– When women… When women live– No, point out,
neither one of us are one of those. Right, but we know them. – Yeah, we know plenty of them.
– We know several, some of them intimately. – Is it–
– One of them intimately. Oh, gosh, could you just keep
some things in your mouth? Why don’t you talk?
I’ll listen. Is it true that when women live
or work closely with each other, their menstrual cycles
synchronize? – I–
– Now, you’re heard this. I heard it in middle school. Everybody hears this ’cause you’re taught
in middle school. I think it’s like a– it’s like a fourth grade
curriculum thing. A whole semester spent on– – Nobody taught me. I–
– Menstrual cycle – synchronization.
– Our little friend group– – No.
– Our little friend group, like the girls in middle school,
told me. – They perpetuated this… fact?
– They’re all– – They’re all synced up.
– …or– or myth. “We’re all synced up.” – Um…
– That’s what they would say. And they would do that. “We’re all synced up.” And I was like,
“I don’t know what that means.” And then they explained,
I was like, “Okay, wow.” – I hear a lot–
– Is it true, though? Well… I’ve assumed it was true, and then I’ve gone so far in conversations, I think, with other people,
when you were there, about us and how we had– there–
we started working this theory that, like, we both got
in a bad mood at a certain type
of the month. Certain time of the month.
You and I. And that
our menstrual cycles
were in sync. – You didn’t tell me about this.
– Even though we don’t– You were there for it.
Don’t deny it. We talked about how Rhett and
I don’t have menstrual cycles, but we seem like we do. – And they’re in sync.
– It’s like men have nipples. – Right.
– And what do they do? – We have something.
– Maybe we also have a p– – Something’s going on for us–
– We have a period, too. – Right.
– But it’s subtle. – Subtle.
– It’s subtle. It’s subtle and
it accomplishes nothing, – just like our nipples.
– I’m not making this up. We did have
this conversation to– to say well,
if that’s true of women– – Yeah.
– …and we assumed that it was, then we think
it’s true of us, too. So therefore, yeah. I’m afraid of it
seeming sexist, but I don’t know why, so I’m just gonna say yeah, I do think it’s true.
I think it happens. How about Snopes? What does Snopes say? Snopes says it’s unproven. – Un–
– Which is not as definitive
as you wanted it to be. – Basically–
– Well– – Basically–
– It seemed– if it was true,
it seems pretty easy
you could prove it. Okay, there is a study– there is one study that was done back in 1971 at an all-female college,
where they– they had these women–
like 130 women– that were
all living together, and they said that their cycles
had been synced up, but– – All 130?
– Uh– Right, ’cause that’s
what would happen. Well, not all– I mean, like,
a substantial number, enough to think that
there was a correlation here. Yeah, beyond standard
deviation– But– Why are you just trying
to throw out scientific terms? – I don’t know what that means.
– Just let me just say the things
that I’ve learned. – Why you gotta call me on it?
– But it– but it’s unproven– “You know,
the standard deviation.” It turns out that
when they went back and analyzed that one study, that it was
very inconclusive, and they thought
that the d– the data had not been interpreted
correctly, and multiple studies
since then have not been able
to prove a link. What they think that it is is, you know, how, like,
when you’re at a stoplight, and you got
your blinker on, and your blinker’s going, and you hear your blinker, and you see the blinker
of the person in front of you– – Is this just me?
– And it’s in sync. And you’re like,
“Oh, it’s in sync,” and then you
wait for a while, and you’re like,
“Nope, it’s not in sync,” but then you’re like,
“Oh, it is in sync.” And you’re like,
“No, no, it’s not in sync”– – Oh…
– …because they’re going
at different rates– It’s the blinker thing. But then they’re–
oh, look at–
look at what I’m doing. Oh, I’ve kind of created
a situation – with myself right there.
– What’s wrong with us? I don’t know what happened. – I think it’s all the cheese.
– Yeah, too much cheese. – But no–
– We’ve got cheese brain. …that’s what happens
with women. – Okay, and I’m–
– ( snickers ) …about to get
in trouble here, but I’m just telling you
that bas– – You women!
– What science says– Are like
looking at blinkers. What science says
is that women get together, and they’re like,
“It’s my time of the month”– I don’t know how
they communicate that. And then they’re like–
another girl’s like, “That’s my time of the month.”
And they’re like, “Oh, we’re best friends,
and we’re in sync,” and they talk about it,
and they get this perception of being in sync
because it’s gonna happen. But then they get out of sync,
and they don’t talk about it, and then they talk about it
again when they get in sync, and there’s a perception
of synchronization. – Okay, I get it.
– But it’s not scientific. – I get it.
– It’s unproven. – I get it.
– So drop it! I’m dropping it, but I can’t figure out
why I feel disappointed. It wasn’t something you
should’ve hoped for. Exactly. – You have–
– So, I don’t know… You have two ladies
in your house. I don’t know– I guess,
for efficiency standpoint, – I don’t know.
– We should just move on. – I literally feel…
– We should move on. …a little
disappointment. – To a less controversial issue.
– I feel like I’ve been lied to. – Maybe that’s it.
– What’s your thing? All right,
I’ve got another one,
much lighter. This is not going to get us
in trouble with anybody, except maybe horses. Oh, gosh.
All right. Okay, you’re already
in trouble with cats. – Yeah.
– Uh… an article went
around on Facebook,
September 26th, 2017. That’s this year. 26th, 2017. On a site called Bored Panda, which is a website
dedicated mostly to stories about interesting
and adorable animals. – Been there many times.
– They posted a story with the title
“If You Ever Feel Sad, Just Remember That Horses
Can Grow Mustaches.” Can this be true? Have you ever heard that
a horse can grow a mustache? Technically, don’t all
horses have mustaches? Because they’re
covered in hair. It’s just it blends in
with the rest of the hair. This is a non–
this is a non-issue. By my definition
of a mustache, I think you’re
still saying that no– – A pronounced–
a pronounced mustache?
– Yeah, I’m saying– Yeah, ’cause what–
when I look at the article, that’s what I’m excited about ’cause they say,
“If You Ever Feel Sad, Remember That Horses
Can Grow Mustaches.” So how big would
the mustache need to be to make you happy
that it were on a horse?
Pretty big. – Uh–
– Pretty big. Yeah, I don’t think
there’s any mus– mustached horse
that’s gonna, like, pull me out of a deep spiral
of any kind. The mustache
will never be that big. – No.
– On a horse. No, maybe if I got
to touch it in person. But if I just–
just the knowledge of it is not going to do
anything for me. What if it was big enough
that you’d have to grab it? You could grab it.
Grab both sides of the mustache. All right, that’d make me
a little happy. Do you think it exists? No. – It does.
– Oh, really? – Yes.
– No, it doesn’t. – Look at these pictures.
– You got pictures? Yeah, look.
There’s one right there. –Holy moly.
That is a freakin’ huge
mustache on a horse.
That’s a mustache.
That’s definitely
a pronounced mustache.
It is common
in a breed of horse called
the Gypsy Vanner, not in all of them,
but in many of them. Also, to a lesser degree–
That’s a blond one right there. – Rhett:He dyed it.
No, they didn’t.That’s just it, dude.He also braided his hair.
How do you do that with hooves?
It comes out that way.And look at that one–
That’s a small–
– Rhett:That’s a more must–
Looks like a–That’s a pretty horse.
…a fine mustachio.That’s a real pretty horse. To a much lesser degree, in the one called “The Shire,”which is also where
the Hobbits live,
but it’s also
a mustached horse.
Look at that.
It looks like it’s pasted on!
I don’t know, I am happy.
I gotta say I didn’t think he was going
to make me happy. I wasn’t sad before–
oh, my goodness.It is glor–
and, yeah,
some of them get huge.That one looks like–
like the wig,
like Eleven wore
in “Stranger Things.”
I’m embarrassed for that one,
you know–
If you have big teeth though,
you’d like to cover them up. So the grooming of it is something that,
I guess, the owners do, – or something like that.
– Oh, you mean the horses
don’t do it themselves? Yeah, ’cause that one’s
just kind of like, – wigged and hanging.
– Okay, well, hopefully,
we have cleared up some of these controversies
for you. – Sorry, ladies.
– And all of my disappointment
with the ladies has been turned to happiness
with the horses. Yeah, we made a lot of ladies
mad and a lot of horses happy. I don’t– well, maybe we
should’ve just shut up
before we said that. Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. You know what time it is. ( together )
Good mythical morning. – I’m Rhett.
– And I’m Link. ( together )
We are in Utah, and it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. I don’t remember
making that. How the crap did we do that
in Utah? Click the bottom link to watch today’s episode
from the beginning. And click the top link
to watch us use this cat-licking product, Licki Brush on Barbara – in “Good Mythical More.”
– On Barbara. And to find out where
the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land.

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  1. Okay, my daily friends, here is what is going on. As a gentleman a bit older than you, the fact is that your "cycles" aren't syncing, but you are BOTH going through MAN-a-pause! Seriously. Yep, I got fixed, too, and despite that. this is a REAL thing! Think about it! And, FYI, I love that Link embraces the natural color of his evolving hair. Rhett? 😀

  2. I love how the majority of this video is talking about periods but they couldn't title it that so, "can horses grow mustaches?"

  3. I feel the first one is true me and my mom get our menistrual (don't know how to spell it don't mind me) cycle at the same time she stays with is at mine and my husband's house cause she is disabled and we both get it at the beginning of the month literally every month until I got on birth control after having my son and now I just don't get one at all.

  4. Any equestrians got SUPER exited when they saw the title?

    Just me ?

    Okay , ill go to my barn to ride

    Ill stop

    Ill go now….

  5. I have very irregular periods and when i was in college my period synced up to my roommates to the point where we started and ended on the same day.

  6. I've never believed that women's menstrual cycles change to match each other. Apparently that's an unpopular thing for me to say as a woman, but the idea seems fraught with problems.

  7. The menstrual thing is and isn't true. I was almost never in sync with my family (sister and mom) when we lived together. However, a more "dominant" woman's (aka cycle-leader's) pheromones can actually affect the others that she lives with and basically force their period to start at around the same time as her own at times. That happens whenever I'm visiting my mom. I start my period, and even if she's had hers only a couple weeks before, she gets it again while I'm in the middle of my own. So it's kind of in sync. But only briefly. It's kinda like a hostile takeover, lol. It doesn't last. Because once you're away from each other or stay together a long time you go back to your own time cycle.

  8. Y'all are partying all the time, so you always know when to steal people's Vans at "no-shoes" parties with hot tubs, NOT filled with jello

  9. I believe that women can get their period at the same time because when I first got my period, in 5th grade, I told my friend and then when she went to the bathroom with me later that day she was shocked because she had gotten her period like an hour after I first got mine and the chances of that are really small so idk, maybe it was just random but I still think my hormones had something to do with it

  10. When I was in foster care our there was 12 of us girls my foster mom would buy our products in bulk. One day she made a comment that she had to go stalk up cause we were all gonna start soon. 14 hours later my youngest foster sister started and we all followed suit

  11. It's actually a fact that once a month, a man's testosterone levels are lower than usual. Resulting in a literal "Man period"

  12. All humans have hormonal cycles. :3 Obviously depending on the dominant hormone it’ll manifest itself differently, I wish I could remember the book I read that I learned this from, but yes Men do have a ~monthly ~ cycle that will result in moodiness similar to a woman’s PMS

  13. I know they're joking, but it's actually proven that some men do go through a "menstrual" cycle. Obviously they don't bleed. But they do have a week every month where's they suffer similar emotional symptoms to a female on a period.

  14. By the time they were done with the first question it was half through the whole video. I'm pleased

  15. Going off the menstrual cycle thing, I actually watched a documentary on how periods may be linked to the cycle of the moon. You can find it on PBS.

  16. I lived with my best friend for 2 years (+ a few months) and we NEVER synced up😂
    But I do think Rhett's blinker theory is pretty accurate, even tho I never synced with anyone – as far as I know😂

  17. ᴵᶠ ᴳᴵᴿᴸˢ ᴴᴬᴺᴰ ˢᵞᴺᶜ ᴾᴱᴿᴵᴼᴰˢ ᵂᴱ'ᴰ ᴾᴿᴼᴮᴬᴮᴸᵞ ᴬᴳᴿᴱᴱ ᴼᴺ ᴬᴸᴼᵀ ᴹᴼᴿᴱ

  18. The cycle comes when it comes. There are people that are in sync like me and my sis in law, but there is no way that a cycle becomes syncronized.

  19. the menstruation thing happened to me. my friend told me that she has her period and asked me to go with her in the washroom. next day, i woke up with blood.

  20. There’s a surprising number of women that have absolutely no idea when their cycle hits. That’s apparently super common so of course they’d assume they sync up with fellow lady cycles.

  21. im a lesbian that is when i'm on my period, i feel more self conscious around other women because i swear they know i'm on my period

  22. RHETT YOU CAN COME OVER ANYTIME AND TOUCH ME HORSES MUSTACHE! Seriously, I have a gypsy vanner (also called Irish cob) and he has a mustache. I love it!

  23. Every time I have lived with another woman we did synchronize. Especially in basic training, although some quit menstruation due to stress.

  24. My best friend and I theorized that because we are emotionally connected, our hormonal cycle (PMS) is synchronized due to our ability to empathize with each other so well. But our main physical symptoms don't actually sync up. Either way it's unscientific, lol. But I think you guys handled it just fine and as a woman I didn't feel disrespected at all.

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