Can Humans and Chimpanzees Have Babies? | Animal Human Hybrids Explained
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Can Humans and Chimpanzees Have Babies? | Animal Human Hybrids Explained

August 31, 2019

Humans and Chimpanzees are closely related
to each other and surprisingly share almost 98.9% of their DNA. Does it mean that mating between these two
species will produce some hybrid like Humanzee or something? Well, that’s an obvious no! And of course gross! But there might be some reasons for it, right? Let’s find out. There are many physical and chemical barriers
for humans and chimpanzees to have babies. Apart from being not attracted to each other,
being geographically separated, but god forbids if mating happens, human sperms will eventually
loss their way in the female chimpanzee’s reproductive tract. In mammals, when the egg is released it is
surrounded by a loose group of follicle cells. These cells release a chemical signal which
kind off provides direction to the sperm. If the signal is not correct, the sperm fails
to find the egg, in the first place! But let’s assume that a human sperm magically
finds its way towards the female chimpanzee’s egg cell. But this egg cell is not a damsel in waiting
which will, just allow any random sperm to fertilize it! Right? The zona pellucid (extracellular glycoprotein
coating), found in mammalian eggs, has glycoproteins around the egg. If the sperm do not have the correct ‘receptors’,
they are unable to adhere to the egg and therefore cannot fertilize the egg. But wait there’s a solution, what if we
microinject human sperms inside a chimp’s egg? But thanks to ‘number of chromosomes’,
even microinjecting will not work! Now, what are chromosomes? Chromosomes are DNA molecules packaged into
thread like structure. It has to be gathered like this because one
DNA molecule is about 6 feet long, so to prevent the cell from bursting, it‘s the most efficient
way. Different species have different number of
chromosomes. We humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes that’s
total 46. 22 pairs look the same in the male and female
and are called as autosomes, whereas the 23rd pair is the sex chromosome which differs between
males and females. Males have one X and one Y chromosome whereas
the females have 2 X chromosomes. A human sperm and egg each have 23 chromosomes. When a human sperm and a human egg combines
a zygote is formed, which has total 46 chromosomes. Now back to our story. The situation is, we just microinjected a
human sperm inside a chimpanzee’s egg cell. As we all know Human sperm contains 23 chromosomes. But a chimp’s egg contains 24 chromosomes. When they combine we get a hybrid cell which
will have 47 chromosomes. Further the cell starts to duplicate every
chromosome and the number becomes 94. When the duplication is done, the cell starts
to split itself into half. Now here comes our hero. A protein called microtubules, search for
the duplicated chromosomes, so that they can pass it to the daughter cell. These proteins, in case of chimpanzees, precisely
look for 48 chromosomes, if they find any missing or extra chromosome, the whole process
is terminated! In our case, there are missing chromosomes. And since Microtubules cannot find those missing
chromosomes, it stops the cell division process and orders the cells to kill itself. This is called as apoptosis. So thanks to all these check points and barriers
we don’t see human chimp babies running around and creating a mess. Actually speaking hybridization is possible
if two animals have similar genetic structure, and are within 1-2 chromosomes of one another. For example a female horse and a male donkey
can interbreed, and we get a mule. A male lion and a female tiger and we get
this! A liger (All are sterile). There are even speculations, that suggest
that we are already hybrid specie. Modern humans interbreed with Neanderthals
and thus Europeans and Asians share 1-4% of their DNA from Neanderthals. So does it mean that humans and chimpanzees
do have a chance, if we take this as a technical challenge, interfere in between and try to
remove the barriers? Well, the best way to answer this question
is we don’t know. Creating a halfway between a human and chimpanzee,
although it sounds fascinating, is surely a crazy and an unethical idea. So stop trying. You’ll land yourself in jail. So what are your views on hybridization? And do you own a pet chimpanzee? Do share with us in the comment box below. Don’t forget to hit the like button if you
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  1. I know this is wrong, but instead of human sperm in a chimpanzee egg, what about chimpanzee sperm in a human egg? Humans don’t terminate the process when there are extra chromosomes, so could it happen? If that doesn’t work please make a video explaining why the other way around doesn’t work either.

  2. that means humans are not evolved from monkeys right? actually this one make researchers to think such a way that "if humans and chimps are from same family then why not they couldn't able to have babies.."

  3. I bet some crazy scientist on some remote island somewhere is doing some horrifying shit with DNA

  4. Okay, so, who asked this question and where is the nearest frying pan cuz I'm about to knock some sense into someone

  5. Fuck ethics. I hate this excuse. I want to see this done. You don’t have to fuck a chimp, it can be done in a lab. You don’t have to experiment on the animal itself, you can extract the egg or sperm from the chimp. Stop being pussies and let the mad scientists experiment

  6. What if you injected the sperm of someone with down syndrome? Don't they have an extra chromosome? Would it work?

  7. It's unethical but "do you own a pet chimpanzee?".

    Meh; "Stay happy, stay curious.". And don't forget to "let us know down in the comments below." *wink wink*

  8. White people came from the cave of the caucus mountains so they love beastiality they love sex with animals…they will watch thus video and try.

  9. So do we share 98.9 percent DNA or "almost" 98.9?? If its almost why not say 98.8 or 98.7 whatever the right amount is.

  10. Teacher what does one lion plus one tiger equal? Johnny it equals one lion and one tiger,2 of course.No damit it equals one Liger!!

  11. Yes! Trump has proven it possible with fathering Don jr & Eric with that
    "whatever" he married as his 1st wife.
    I'm not quite sure which one was the
    human, Trump or the ex wife. Close call!

  12. oh wow the good old 98.9% stat 🙁

    Tell tell us, we match apes 99%. But why? Well the most simple thing for them to do is look at single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and count those directly. They do this because it obtains the highest number possible while only looking at a small area. This is where the 99% figures come from, as human and chimpanzee DNA are 99% identical ONLY with respect to SNPs.
    Shared DNA does not mean identical DNA. The percentage identical for chimpanzees to humans is actually 70-80% when taking into account the entire genome size and measuring for identicality rather than similarity. Only 29% of chimpanzee proteins are 1 for 1 identical. When you start looking at other regions Genetic similarity by phylogeny is now dead. realm. In 2002 it was shown that human/chimp similarity was less than 95%, And in 2010 it was shown that the Y chromosomes of human/chimp were less than 70% identical. the chimp Y chromosome is only half as long as the human Y
    chromosome, meaning there is less than 50% overall similarity. The authors of that paper concluded the human/chimp Y chromosome differences were as great as the differences they expected between humans and birds! From an evolutionary perspective, to get this much divergence in 6 million years would require an incredibly high mutation rate for the Y chromosome. I want you to realize that the hypothetical evolutionary common ancestor of humans and birds would have lived at least 300 million years ago, to account for such drastic genetic differences. There is no possibility that the same amount of genetic change could have occurred in just a fraction of that time, since they claim humans allegedly diverged from a chimp-like ancestor just 6 million years ago (50-fold less time).
    The profound differences between the human and chimp genomes will be shown to be even greater, once the chimp genome is re-sequenced. The chimp genome was assembled using the human genome as a template – which greatly
    biased the assembly and excluded perhaps 20% of the most divergent chimp sequences. The 98% mantra was driven
    by the desire to indoctrinate, rather than a desire to discover. Why does 98% vs. 70% matter? First, it matters because it shows that humans and chimps are not “nearly identical.” and as you are about to see below, a lot of things have more genetic match to humans than even these so called closest ancestors. Even cows share 80 percent of their genes with humans. A 30% human/chimp genomic difference represents about one
    billion genetic letter differences. The reason evolutionists are so strongly committed to only a 2% difference between man and chimp is because larger differences would make the evolutionary story of common descent impossible as your about to see. The collapse of the 98% identity paradigm demolishes the evolutionary explanation for human origins and common ancestry.

  13. When an Rh negative female is impregnated with a RH positive baby her body starts to build a defense against it and kill it. Rh negative females have been known to be able to have the first RH Positive baby with complications but after that her body will reject any RH positive child. There is a shot she must get now to prevent this. RH negative are a different species of human the the positive ones.

  14. Scientifically Could scientist add an extra chromosome to the human sperm before "Injection through a needle" in order to trick the checking system…? Now that would be weird

  15. There are people born missing parts of chromosomes who live mosaics and down syndrome they used a human male but what about a human female and a male chimp?

  16. Why tf would somebody wanna breed two different species??? only dumb ass western scientists always wanna play god/allah ect…. Anti environment anti nature.

  17. Assuming If human-chimp hybrid is created then it will have a strong impact on world religions as similar to UFO/Alien landing and its impact on world religions…..

  18. Feet? Only 5% of the world population use imperial units….I understand that the language is English, but its pretty much an international global language by now, and the metric system as well.

  19. I have always been told that a Mule cannot reproduce. The only way to get a Mule is to breed a Draft horse mare with a stallion donkey…because breeding a female donkey to a draft hose stallion will kill the small donkey because the foal inside will be too big to develop inside the small body of a donkey mare, and if it did develop it would not be able to pass it through their birth canal. It has to be the other way around. So, why can't Mules reproduce??

  20. Perhaps im abnormal or missing something.. I feel as though if an experiment like this were done in a clinical setting in which a biologist simply injected an apes egg cell with a humans sperm cell that it wouldnt be unethical. I mean, i totally underatand how it would be unethical for a human to try to hqve sex with an ape. That is abd should be considered abuse. I just dont get why the ethics of a researcher would be questioned to, as i previously mentioned, try to fertalize an ape or chimpanzee egg cell with a human sperm cell to see if such a thing were possible. Accounting for the things i said previously that 1. There was no sexual activity and 2. That it would be tested in a cinical setting is it still unethical? If so, why? Is it because of what may happen? Ive always wondered that, lol. Ive often also wondered if conception was possible. I think the idea is incredibly intruiging just from a scientific stand point. Yaknow what i mean? Like i have a million questions. If it is possible how would this hybrid age? What traits of the two species would remain? Would it be smarter? Would it retain an apes muscles? Would it be bipedal? Could it speak and how would it learn? Apes and chimpanzees are known for quickly spotting things. Would it learn more like a human or an ape? Would its body be hairless (or nearly hairless) or more like its apes ancestors. Would it process emotions like us, them, or some amalgamation of the two species? Perhaps it would have the potential to answer questiobs we have about genetics. Its just truly fascinating to me. Bonobos are especially fascinating to me becuause they have so many human qualities, lol. I cannot be the only peraon whose wondered these things can I?

  21. I was just curious lmao.

    Because i've been looking at Big Foot and Yeti videos and about the 411 people that mysteriously vanish.

    I've always had that thought that what if Big Foot and Yeti are hybrid Human and Ape creatures. Maybe Extraterrestrials are genetically modifying and creating those creatures. It explains why they abduct humans.

  22. We aren’t related to monkeys because God made us. If we were related then monkeys and humans could have children together

  23. The examples given at the end of the video explain why some animals can interbreed: they are all animals of the same "kind" … Horse and donkey are both Equidae, Lion and Tiger are both Felidae. Also, all the evidence today for Neanderthal points to them being just modern humans. Their faces have been reconstructed by modern computer-assisted tech and they look just like us; they buried the dead, had tools, etc just like us; their childbirth was difficult just like ours (unlike previously postulated); they walked upright just like us; and much more. I mean, they are us, it's just that people don't want to admit it because it ruins their fairy tale of human evolution.

    At the end of the day, Baraminology explains the data much better, as it's clear we have different kinds of creatures, and within those kinds there's nearly always the possibility to interbreed (and when there isn't is because a creature's genome has lost too much in the adaptation/selection process).

    So, humans can only interbreed with humans because there's only one humankind, as science has finally proved, too. To quote Robert Jastrow,

    “For the scientist who has lived by his faith in the power of reason, the story ends like a bad dream. He has scaled the mountains of ignorance, he is about to conquer the highest peak; as he pulls himself over the final rock, he is greeted by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries.”

    Science is beautiful, and would be more much more so and more productive if operated in the correct worldview. The worldview that gave birth to it. To use the words of evolutionary anthropologist and science writer Loren Eiseley:

    ‘The philosophy of experimental science… began its discoveries and made use of its methods in the faith, not the knowledge, that it was dealing with a rational universe controlled by a creator who did not act upon whim nor interfere with the forces He had set in operation… science… owes its origins to an act of faith that the universe can be rationally interpreted, and that science today is sustained by that assumption.’

  24. I won't buy this shit, I believe in experimental science, and besides "you don't knock till you try it" right? Wish me a good luck guys, and a cute baby

  25. Who cares if it's obscene and there's no real good reason to do so. It would be a cool way for society as a whole to understand how this science works and if the hybrid turns out to be intelligent like humans, at least a little bit, it could be beneficial.

  26. I heard scientists recently successfully made a hybrid human and monkey embryo but they didn’t go through with it and like killed it

  27. Ligers suffer of gigantism so they continue to grow until they die but are sterile maybe if two different apes mated it would create a weird ape that continued to grow but was sterile so would be extremely rare boom you have big foot lol

  28. I call BS on this. With the gene editing technology(Crisper) and the insane amount of advancements we have made in genetics we can no doubt make this happen in the laboratory. Think of the moneyyyy omg a whole theme park filled with these humanzees doing tricks and entertaining the masses Muahhhh ha ha ha evil laugh

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