Can you believe this is a horse trailer?
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Can you believe this is a horse trailer?

August 12, 2019

Hi, my name is Lori Lemon with I’m here at the All American Quarter
Horse Congress in Columbus Ohio to show you this brand new 53 foot long Country Estate trailer from Featherlite.
This is a terrific trailler let’s take a look inside Here we are in the interior of the country
estate trailer. There’s thirty-three foot long of living
space in this trailer 16 foot tip-out on this side and 13 foot tip-out on this side. We have solid wood floors in the trailer A copper country sink. Look at that depth can’t find that most living quarters
trailers. Solid counter top A stove range here with two burners Convection oven and this convection oven
it’s special because it does bake, broil and a grill. A 12 cubic foot refrigerator in this
refrigerator does have water and ice in the door. A really nice big freezer. Actually is deeper than the door shows
and so you can hold all kinds of things vegetables, meat.
Even ice cream for the kids. One of my favorites: the pantry. Look at this guy. You can store all kinds of canned goods. Anything you’d like in your pantry all kinds the storage space in this 33
foot long living quarters trailer with the Country Estate from Featherlite trailers. Moving into o ur living quarters area of the Sierra conversions We have an electric fireplace, 32 inch flat screen TV. Solid maple cabinetry Beautiful. Lots of storage space in this
trailer. Multimedia closet for all of your media.
It does have a sound system and a satellite dish. So you can watch all your favorite TV programs. Solid leather couch. And this has a
fold-out bed. As you can see it makes a really nice
bed. But wait until you see the master bedroom. Let’s take a look. In our spacious master
bedroom we do have a queen size bed. Great
western lights for evening reading. Check out the
detail in our valance that all leather with brands and conchos put on it.
Beautiful detail put together by Sierra customs in this
beautiful Featherlite trailer. Check out then the other details that
Sierra conversions has put together for Featherlite The ostrich leather skin in the ceiling, copper inlays, rope detail and they’re really neat
authentic country light. Some of the other amenities that the master bedroom does have is to have the desk area we can write home, pay your bills or do your office work.
It has another flat screen TV and, of course, one of our favorites, the
master bedroom closet walk-in closet. that is cedar lined. And now that you’ve
in the amenities of the inside the trailer, let’s see where your
horses are gonna ride and let’s take a look at the outside. The horse area can accommodate four horses. Three in a slant load
configuration and one in a straight horse. You can see that the horses ride very safely in the solid aluminum dividers. Padding on both sides of the horses and in the front.
Drop down window shop front and back help with ventilation. Now let’s take a look at where that fouth horse will ride.
The fourth horse fits in the back of the trailer in a straight load configuration. You lift the ramp and the fourth horse fits
right here. You don’t have a fourth horse and you use the golf cart or an ATV just drive it up the ramp, park it. There are
tie-down straps in the floor and you’re ready to rock and roll. The
Country Estate has this huge rear tack storage area with access to the mangers and includes Featherlite’s electric saddle rack which is easy to use with the push of a button. Underneath the living quarters that the
Country Estates trailer, they have a vast amount of storage space. As you can see you can put hay, extension
cords, many many other things under this trailer. Also under here are the AC
unit, the water tank and the generator. Now last but not least, when you’re done competing at your horse
show or the rope in, you can come on over here to the entertainment center at the
Country Estate. This is a phenomenal tool. You’ve got your
refrigerator cooler doors – come grab something to drink, sit down and watch your mp3 TV player. It has subwoofers and amps. You’re gonna love this! Everybody’s gonna come over to the
Country Estate Featherlite trailer and entertain themselves after your
event. We’ve shown you the Country Estate
trailer today from Featherlite, but Featherlite
offers many ranges up trailers from a ten foot bumper pull, all the way up
to this exquisite trailer, and anything in between. So for your trailer
needs please got a Featherlite at and thanks for watching!

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  1. This particular trailer does have a bedroom and a restroom with toilet and shower. Click on the link in the description to get more info.

    You need a small semi to pull it. Since it has an all aluminum body and frame, it's relatively light. That said, there's a LOT inside and with a few horses the weight is a little more than a big pickup can handle.

  2. I looked online, but I couldn't find the dimensions for the stall sizes? I love, love, love the living quarters, but my horses' comfort on the road is more important to me than my own luxury, so I'm leaning towards the Ranch trailer…

  3. Pretty much everything is customizable in each of these units. So, if you prefer a smaller living quarters and more or larger stalls, we'll be happy to design it to fit your needs.

  4. Dang..I want one. I bet it costs a fortune though. ><; And I agree with the comment way above mine. I'd rather have more room for my horses than a huge suite. =)

  5. Notice they talk up a storm about the trailer.
    They just happen to forget the price.
    Sooo..dream on, and hope you win the lottery to pay for it.
    Hint….well over $200,000 dollars

  6. Saw one up close …these are just wonderful. I have a nice trailer, but when this thing pulled up beside me with a matching semi pulling it i wanted in the back row…lol…

  7. the horsepart could be done sooo much better!!! they could waste more Money into the horsepart then into this too fancy livingroom. it's about transporting horses and make it for THEM as comfortable as possible…

  8. The Country Estate trailers are all custom made according to what our customers want. So, if you prefer a smaller living quarters and more or larger stalls, we'll be happy to design it to fit your or your horse's particular needs.

  9. people this trailer is for pro rodeo types who live on the road with their horses, traveling all over. This is not a weekend warrior gig, unless, you have money to burn. That's why this one is built more for the people than the horses. The people are living in there for large amounts of time when competing. If you are a pro calf roper on the circuit, you can haul 4 rope horses with you and live comfortable on the road.

  10. if im buying this im selling my house and still will need a loan for the $200,000 peterbilt to pull the thing with 

  11. This trailer must cost 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000ⁿ000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000dollars

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