Canada Games 2017: Female Mountain Bike Cross-Country

October 2, 2019

I’m Becca Mann and I just competed in the
cross country mountain bike race. It’s fun like I just do it because it’s fun
then it’s just a good way to get outside and get active and have a good time and
some fun people mostly I’m trying not to crash that’s my main thought is just
okay don’t slide out here don’t fall please don’t do that you didn’t hurt
yourself first race I’ll spring about water we
were always filling up our bottles like a quarter to a half so that it was
lighter and so one point I ran out of water I was like oh and I need a feed
honestly that’s about it I’m kind of thinking about food the whole time. Blair: What did you think about the course. Athlete: I thought it was amazing is really great
fun drive pretty technical so it’s cool to compete on a course that I know my
dad has put so much hard work and effort into it’s just kind of cool to see like
because his legacy gonna be carried on through this course he designed it and he put in a lot
of volunteer hours to make it a reality and just work on it. Announcer: Coming across the finish that’s Rebecca Mann from Manitoba. Becca: It means a lot I’m really happy with my performance and just happy with my with my overall
standing it was my goal to not get pulled so goal met it’s exciting and
it’s really motivating just to have everyone behind me have my back and stuff
it’s a good feeling. Athlete: Oh I’m very happy to take the first
medal gold medal at this game and in my team in the team Quebec it’s really I’m
really I’m really happy. Announcer: To a single point now we’ve got two Quebec riders they can go
together and try. Athlete: Oh it’s they really the course is pretty cool
they do a a good thing with not missing a lot of things but the future
is why school in this all the track is very cool.

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