Canfield Fair opening Wednesday morning
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Canfield Fair opening Wednesday morning

September 4, 2019

But if you’d rather stay close to home – The 173rd Canfield Fair opens their gates this morning at 8 am. While lots of kids will be heading to the fair for funnel cakes and the ferris wheel.. One group of kids is going to have to work hard to play hard.Lets get to First News reporter Alexis Walters.. she’s with the Junior Fair kids this morning. I’m with members of the Junior fair this morning, Or 4-H. And they might be young but they have a lot on their plate this week. Taking care of the animals, the pens, watering feeding and then on top of that, SHOWING. How long have you guys been gearing up for the next 6 days? it isnt’ all work – it has a lot of rewards… Junior fair will be showing all weekend in different categories- at different times. Make sure you head to the number 10 barn here to check out how they’re doing this weekend as well -which you can do as early as 8 this morning. Live at the canfield Fair Alexis Walters first news this morning Weather Every 10 Minutes Meteorologist Alex George is in the Storm Team 27 Weather Center. The last of the rain is moving out of the area. Skies will become partly sunny

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