cara mengatasi zebra mogok saat melewati genangan air
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cara mengatasi zebra mogok saat melewati genangan air

February 29, 2020

[music] [music] okay welcome back to the fahruroji firm channel in this discussion I will respond my subcriber asked the number of daihatsu zebra cars when if it passes through a pool of water yes, always breaking down and anything that is need to be considered when the car broke down okay just follow the steps yes, this is a Daihatsu Zebra car espass the subcriber I ask a lot of questions the number of complaints on zebra cars when get through puddle yes, like this actually this complaint happened in the ignition system this is the ignition system often the user yes, throw this plate so the function of this plate is to withstand spark from tires sparks from tires when submerged or splashes so water not logged in surrounding the ignition, the ignition area but what needs to be known here is water instead of entering delco or this distributor but sometimes water doesn’t come in either however the car still broke down Why did it happen due to moisture on area in this distributor okay we just open it for more details again what steps we need to take do if our zebra car broke down due to standing water wet the delco area, yes actually the water does not enter yes water actually does not enter into delco due to the occurrence of moisture in the delco that’s what gives rise to ignition system on the distributor is disturbed so it can’t pluck the sparks into the engine the place that must be done is we have to open the delta like this or distributor [music] we have to open [music] I will tell the real problem Why when the Daihatsu zebra passes through puddles it is caused because yes, this plate is not installed by the user and roughly what causes it cause this car to break down [music] yes, This is it actually moist water on the part area the rotor or liver this chicken well this is often the case and parts close this, because this lid is plastic often affected by water so moist on around this lid has disturbed the ignition system and the right step is we just clean the parts yes, this section this contact is connected with close distributor or delco and this part here this is what we need to pay attention to when our car broke down through a pool of water zebra car itself already use, zebra espass i mean already using eee … ignition system cdi and there is also for zebra 1300cc who still use platinum so for the maximum for Daihatsu this zebra, use cdi in the previous discussion I have discuss how to fix and review thoroughly about Daihatsu Zebra can be seen at the link above so the conclusion is if a car Your zebra is breaking down the first step we have to open a distributor because on the part of the distributor that is what happens humidity what needs to be considered are users Daihatsu Zebra we have to put back up the shield plate it serves to hold so that water does not splash over its distributor which causes water to enter although it does not enter when exposed to splashed water still disturbing the system electricity because there will be humidity around distributor that causes bother him spark spark in the ignition system ok for daihatsu zebra users I hope this information can be useful for you and hopefully with this information i can help you to handle your car if the car broke down in a puddle area and the car broke down in the area this puddle actually not only happened on the Daihatsu Zebra Espass or 1300cc zebra but also on Suzuki carriage ensued like that because almost on it’s about the same on its location that is in section to facing backward, but close to area, the lower area might be very risky if there is water splashed into the sidelines this spark plug wire too or moisture occurs, which causes let the fire fail because the water inside yes, so if there is water in it let did not happen or failed that’s all I can say I hope this review is useful and can help you to fix it from me and thank you [music]

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  1. Mobil jenis zebra memang gitu tapi ada cara terutama karet di belakang ban depan sebelah kiri harus ada dan harus mendekati sock biar air gak ke arah delko

  2. tlg problem espass saat dgas jlan terasa tersendat2…? Sdg ganti busi dan coil tp msih tersendat2 jlanya saat dgas 🙏

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