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Carolina Gold Classic | Placings/Loot

August 23, 2019

hello everyone it’s kate here and this is my Carolina Gold Classic 2015 placings/what I got and just a preface before i get into this i was judging kids and novice at the same time I was trying to show giant thanks to Natalie or LaLaLand19991 I think I always get the numbers at the end of her name but she’s pretty popular on youtube anyways and Sonya or newsworthy_addict and of course Jessica and Erika hopeandreams100 and vampirebreyergal for helping me. It was really nice seeing everyone there. I loved having lunch with everyone at the Instagram meet. It was really nice meeting Austin and seeing Taylor again and meeting Gabby and meeting all of the different younger people who I’d never seen before and it was really nice to welcome them into the Carolina Gold Classic community and sorry it’s kind of dark I have redone my room. Yo. Soy yo. (Spanish for I am me) So it’s purple now, and the shelf used to be here and now it’s here and there used to be carpet, but now there’s not

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  1. Congrats on all your placings (and getting to judge!), Kate. ^_^ I'm so happy for you that this show was much better than the last.

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