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Carry Me – Video Tour

October 31, 2019

Hi Letitia Glenn here from Natural Horseman Saddles and today, we’re going to showcase our Carry Me saddle, very popular because it’s Very lightweight for a substantive saddle and it took many years to develop this Our aim was to create a saddle that took care of your horse the way we know how to do after all of our research but Give you something if you don’t care to lift a heavy saddle up on your horses back so that you can feel confident that it will take Care of your horse and will take care of you with cushy padded leather seats and enough options to make it really interesting You can order this saddle in several different ways without a horn with a horn with very lovely hand carved floral tooling or with among our many choices of border tooling patterns You can order breast colors, or not there are a number of features of this saddle that I’d like to ask Gretchen furlong to speak with you about Gretchen works with us And we’re thrilled to have her, she’s an endurance rider herself And we’re finding that many people who do choose that sport are really enjoying the Carry Me saddle Hi, I’m Gretchen Furlong I’m gonna touch some more on the Carry Me saddle and reiterate some of the things Letitia already touched on But I’d like to talk about some of the specs of the Carry Me saddle that drew me to this saddle an endurance Rider first off being the soft envelope that houses the tree in this saddle it it is such a Hugger it goes around all my horses and I ride anything from Fox trotters to Arabs to thoroughbreds to Mustangs all in endurance and I have been doing this enough years to know that this has afforded my Horses the most comfort and the most freedom to move their shoulders I love the wax where material it gives you such a free swing on your leg Allowing you to go up and down hills, in the arena any kind of work you want to do You have such close contact with your horse through here. The Wax Wear is government grade it’s water repellent and it’s very easy to clean and take care of I Personally love that because I don’t like to clean my tack all the time, that being said We do have the choice on the Carry Me of the nylon Latigos We also have leather Latigos, our saddles come in your choice of a two-tone brown and black or all black I know Letitia had said about the tooling… We do have flank billets in leather or In nylon if you want to ultimately get the lightest saddle you possibly can, that’s important for me as an endurance Rider It’s very important to me to have the right interface on my horse And I choose the air pad With one’s Shim in the right spot it affords this saddle to hug my horse, it lets him move Going up and down the hills quick hill work… Long slow trots through the sand washes things like that and I can tell you it is it’s the happiest he’s ever been and the best he’s ever moved

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