October 10, 2019

howdy or as we say in the south what you guys doing we’re going to play some video games we gotta play only the best of the bestest games that are out there in the world and today we’re going to play Danielle bregoli game called get cash yes that’s right it’s a cash me outside girl game focused on getting those bands of cash says run and jump your way out of trouble while collecting those fans of cash well let’s look at the reviews on this ok that’s not bad at all it’s it’s got just as many 5 stars as it does one starts that means it’s both amazing and horrible at the same time let’s give it a play the object of this game is to jump why you darn it you got to jump and collect the bands of cash the more bands of cash you collect the higher your score is and I will issue a challenge to anyone out there to get shoot to get more fans of cash than me my current best is 27 bands of cash let’s see if I can beat that object the trick is you just got to keep can’t stop you get to stay dedicated gotta stay dedicated to the grind damn it never give up damn it I can do this I can feel the curse word let’s try the trials of the universe are knocking at are knocking I will never give up I will never surrender it’s the greatest game that I’ve ever played doesn’t count oh here we go son of a gun the Ground moved on me got it damn it okay I got to be like a ninja I’m just going to keep on jumpin I’ll be a big ol dirty monkey’s uncle as you can see this is the funnest game that has ever existed and you can give it a try it’s free and I bet you can’t beat my high score if you beat my high score take a screenshot and post it on my Twitter I promise you I will challenge you and beat your high score that being said tell what you think about the game leave your creative and or interesting responses in the comment box below thumbs up for those likes and as always brothers and sisters i will see you in the next video

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