Cashel Fly Leg Guards Review
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Cashel Fly Leg Guards Review

October 25, 2019

CASEY: Hi, I’m Casey. I work
in Product Development, and today I’m reviewing
the Cashel Fly Leg Guards. I love that these fly boots
have saved my horse this summer. So this year and even
in the past year he would get about
halfway through summer and his feet would be sore. They’d be cracking and chipping
and he just would seem miserable
and this was the first year I finally bought
him a pair of fly boots and these have been amazing.
He’s so much happier. He’s not stomping. He literally asked me to put
these on before I turn him out. In my opinion what really
sets these boots apart is how ergonomically well-designed
they are for the horse’s leg. So they’re shaped
really beautifully, they fit in all
the right places, they’re tight where they need
to be, they can be loose where
they need to be. And with the four Velcro™
closures it means they’re going to stay on your
horse’s leg even if he’s a little bit silly
in turnout. Another thing I love about
these boots is that the plastic mesh material is a good balance. It’s sturdy and it stays
and shapes to the leg but they’re comfortable
and they’re cool and I have not experienced
any rubs on my horse’s legs. These fly boots really
are perfect for any horse that’s bothered by bugs during
turnout or when they’re outside. I would recommend them
to anybody that’s been struggling with that.
To keep these boots clean, I found just hosing
them off if they get particularly dirty works well.
In terms of fit and sizing, these boots are great
because they have a whole range of sizes. So regardless of what your
horse needs I think you’ll be able to find an option
that’s going to fit him or her. So my horse is a
warmblood-draft cross. He’s very very thick
boned and finding boots that fit is a real challenge. But the warmblood size fit
him beautifully. To figure out what size
my horse needed, I used the size chart
so that’s a great tool if you’re not sure
what the right size option would be for your horse. If for some reason you get
these boots and the fit is not right for your horse, you can exchange them for free
with free return shipping. I’m Casey, and the Cashel Fly Leg Guards
are saving my horse’s summer.

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