Cast Horse from Hanayama – Review
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Cast Horse from Hanayama – Review

August 15, 2019

This is the Cast Horse
manufactured by Hanayama. They say this design dates back to the
American Midwest where the cowboys had to do everything they could to
keep their horse from being stolen. And it is said that one of those cowboys
had the idea of rigging some horseshoes together as a sort of locking mechanism
to keep his horse from being stolen. That is where the design started and it
has been revised many times over since. as the Horse, Horseshoe
puzzle and Puzzle Master’s, very own Handcuffs. So this one is made up of cast metal
with a very nice chrome finish. Looks like we have the Hanayama
engraving right on the end there. Your objective with this puzzle is
to figure out how to remove this, middle horseshoe here from the frame. This is a level six on the Puzzle
Master difficulty rating scale, which runs from five to ten and a level
two on the Hanayama difficulty rating scale,
which runs from one to five.

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