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August 14, 2019

Steve I’m right here you don’t need to
use the walkie-talkie and unless I’m far away from you okay oh my god okay the
game master outs was about to come into the house yes yours
welcome to the vlog if you’re new here hit that subscribe button check this out
though we’re ready for the game Esther we got hidden cameras all over the
basement even including my glasses little camera here deep your fine glass
camera is working all systems in check awesome Oh be nicer stuff picking up
it’ll sure it’s check it out oh yeah he’s coming up the hill he’s
coming up the hill Oh Chris I got ya come back here I got an idea on how we
can how we captain please check this out see what do you have what you have cannabis but if you go to any ancestor I
think we’re not trying to yeah we need to hurry look look he’s over there maybe
maybe let’s try this giant nerf cannon whoa oh okay let’s go capture him wait
Oh gonna love the hair we don’t have the hairspray to make this thing work we’re
on the type of this nice one Oh rocket launcher that’s so big the only
issue is I don’t have a dart for this grace we have all these awesome defense
toys but we need something else new traffic being master what should we do
Oh what up be giant France yeah what are we gonna do with those I don’t know
maybe draw all over his face Oh grace I don’t think that’s it that’s
gonna work when you capture him what do we do
here’s the gig Messer has never been closer to the house we’ve got to get
over to captain grace come on we got to get something we’re getting so close the
game out we’re gonna need the cameras coming oh it’s coming okay
oh we gotta hide we gotta hide where should we hide where should we hide okay
okay hi hi hi uh no grace does he’s good about to go to that poster right there
to show the world poster pick a better spot
okay okay like hide behind this name oh yeah work but your body is still showing which we do Oh quick fix it fix it fix it fix it fix
it hi that was good that was good uh wait grace I’m not behind the boxes
here then put this box okay grace I’m good I’m in position how about you oh yeah you’re right we are kind of a
little bit closer okay greats in the cab here you’re gonna it means you’re gonna
move back there okay okay get clear EMS was not the door yet I
repeat gamemaster’s out the door go go go go go all systems go go quick quickly
move hide hide hide hide hide hide that head okay
grace is back there I’m up here get my sister’s about game master is about to
enter the third key message about to zero over sharers I’m so nervous
Oh oh my gosh no way he’s coming inside Oh
oh my gosh what do we do grace the game master is inside he actually opened the
door he’s inside over is that look like a co-chairs kind of
blood you know his name he’s walking he’s on some sort of like
is it he has a walkie-talkie himself it looks like there’s a weird looking
walkie-talkie but he’s definitely got some type of walkie-talkie tracking huge
type of phone thing he’s going to the painting what do i do what do I do it just turned
my way cheers he hit something that same word
open again what is he still repeating you think something what do you think no
grace but whatever he’s saying he’s saying it right by the painting I don’t
know what’s going on well he just dropped something
what are you dropping he can’t see from over here oh oh you’re right
oh my gosh he’s touching the camera hey you just put the picture ring back
oh look he didn’t see me well what’s that Betty grabbed I don’t
think that wasn’t important doc grace I’m done
stay down the game that’s just walking by me right now he’s going upstairs
that’s where baby otter is he better not get baby otter you just went upstairs
ready to go Gracie I think I hear is that the garage door opening what is it
noise you’re right you’re right X is good here’s quick to your desk
protectors oh my gosh who is that what is he doing did not touch the Lambo
nobody touch the Sharerghini what are you doing why is do that what
I’m not sure what’s going on this is really weird yeah see opening the car
kids have a key to it does he I don’t know I hope you realize is that keys a
camera that keeps a camera you can’t actually start the car in a tracker yet
oh wait did it just start I think I heard the car started no no I’m right here the door is off what’s in
that game masters he outside he’s sniffing like he’s out
yeah I think you seen your mother she opened the door no what otter saw the
gamemaster go by him who was it do you know who it was was it a youtuber
who’s the game master should we open that door yes yeah pill first open the
door I’m afraid the game master is going to
be right behind door all just ready okay I don’t know if
I can do crazy to do it you open the door you open the door I don’t know if I
want to order you go first do you wanna go first the game master is in the
garage right now he’s after inside the Lamborghini I don’t know what he’s doing
but grace are you ready open the door not really but hold it sure smells like
fun good luck we got to capture the game match this time okay hang on you ready
three two one let’s go catch the keymaster let’s go
the Lamborghini is on the loose the Lamborghini is on the loose Lambo on the
loose Lambo on the loose let’s go the Lamborghini is on the loose
the Lamborghini is on the list Lambo on the loops Lambo on the loose where to go
where to go where to go ready go crazy come on come on come on quick
quickly let me get race you you’re here for me Siri boost Oh uh-oh no wonder I
couldn’t hear you where’s the Lamborghini that gave up
this old a Lamborghini what do we do now that this year he is like stolen do we
look it up in their way to track it Sharers it comment below
oh wait I know what he took on the counter one day earlier when you say to
get anything goes anything important yeah I didn’t think that was the keys to
the Lamborghini that time you’d be able to start it I left him out last night
because I brought the car back and I forgot to hide the keys to put them away
but the good news is grace all Lamborghini keys have attracted noise
and a camera on the key okay so let’s go track it we can see exactly where he is
that’s why pups on the security camera can stick in a key into the car the
Sharers a baggage fun computer we should be able to attract the Sharerghini
every move see exactly where it’s heading and see if it stops at the
silver forget we got a trap sure we need to Sharerghini back
co-author come on come on let’s go let’s go something
Chris come on where’s the shirt you going
the Sharer desert unit cannot default we near the Cherokee but we gotta find
the gamemaster one of the key messages Sharers quick to the computer we
gotta track this thing down come on!

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  1. Omg I may be only ten but I feel that something fishey may be going on I feel that he may know you rebbeca and chad mabye it's really scary but I wanna keep watching because I love you and Rebecca that's bad he stole the sharergenie

  2. I don't like the game master or the hacker I woll fight and defeat the game master and project zorgo

  3. Shouldn't is like biting more about your height somewhere if he comes hidden with Batman in the head how is that

  4. The game master is good he is not after you please believe me he is not after you guys believe me please I am so pleased so please believe me now is the time to believe me I know the game master is not after you Oyou got this I believing you project Zorgo is the one after I YouTube.I live in Australia but I’m from Pakistan.☪️????l’m 6 years old

  5. Stephen share the game master is human boy so if you go when she went boys Channel you will know you'll see a video of him unmasking himself and he is the game master tell every single one of your friends so they know who's the game master tell everybody is Spectre Vega cuz I already told her that this is the this is Christian I'm going to have a YouTube channel one day and will, you again when it when it comes out and you will be looking at it video Can't You See It Go on to our Channel we're going to be unmasking project zorgo Maybe don't forget always stay happy and share the love peace

  6. Wtf is this if you 5yr olds see the game master in one of these videos it’s just one of their friends acting

  7. gm:could be carter ryan stove or even eliabeth i am not scott i am his daughter i could not put spell it right

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