Caught On Camera: Leopard Runs Off With GoPro
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Caught On Camera: Leopard Runs Off With GoPro

March 4, 2020

COMM: A female leopard slowly approaches the camera, casting a curious gaze down
the lens. 00:21
COMM: Roan Ravanhill, a ranger at the MalaMala Game Reserve in South Africa, mounted a GoPro
on a wooden stand, to capture the local wildlife. And soon enough a leopard and a ten month
old cub came to investigate. 0:36
COMM: A near threatened species, the leopard is most widely accepted as the most secretive
and elusive of the big cats. 0:44
COMM: Cradling the camera in it’s mouth, the leopard carried the camera into the bush.
After a few minutes the pair discarded their new toy, though luckily the camera survived

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  1. Caught On Camera: Leopard Runs Off With GoPro 


    THEY say curiosity killed the cat – but in this case the cat's curiosity almost killed the camera. Roan Ravenhill, 26, a ranger at the MalaMala Game Reserve in South Africa, mounted a GoPro on a wooden stand and waited for the leopard and her 10-month-old cub to come and investigate. Despite the leopards' attentions, the camera survived intact – leaving behind beautiful footage of the pair playing and exploring. 

    Footage: Roan Clive Ravanhill
    Producer: Thomas Midlane
    Editor: Joshua Douglas

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  2. awww so cute , awww i want one, awww gimme one :   S T  FU before it bits your nipples off and poop it out as lunch.

  3. (If I were there) ''Awwwww, look at little kitty cat!
    Isn't she just adorable? Wait. No, what are you doing?''

    SCREAMS FOR LIFE ''Agggghhhhhh, it's fucking biting me and shit!'' I wonder why? Oh wait, yeah I'm a giant piece of meat. R.I.P, idec it was worth it…

  4. Just as curious and adorable as my kitties, only thing that's different is their size and temperament. :3 Big cats are awesome! <3

  5. You have less friends than the leopards. There's millions of people who would kill you to save the life of a leopard so your life is worth less than that of the leopard.

  6. Watch sea belly rub cause I even made a song about it! it goes sea sea belly rub over and and over and so 4th

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