Centennial Celebration – Agriculture
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Centennial Celebration – Agriculture

August 15, 2019

>>Narrator: U G A Extension
helps drive Georgia’s
agricultural sector, a main economic engine and
source of employment, by assisting producers in
farm and business management, field crops, integrated
pest management, urban agriculture
and more.>>Bill Brim: Each scientist
has different research projects and it really helps us to
learn what they’re learning. We have the best Extension
Service that I know of anywhere. And our research arm
is also really great.>>Phillip Roberts: A
typical day for me, we’re standing in some
applied research trials, examining some of our
most common pests, trying to come up with better
methods of management. Our objective though is just
to provide information, research-based information,
that’s going to allow our producers to
make good decisions.>>Narrator: U G A Extension
also works with schools on programs like farm-to-school
workshops, school gardens and career days.>>Monte Stephens: Today we’re
having 3rd grade Ag Day and this is an opportunity for all
of the 3rd graders in our county to come out and to see the
agricultural commodities that we have here
in Oconee County. These young people
can ask questions. “Where do we get this from?”
“What are we doing with this?” “How do we get that?”
It’s important. It matters. And one day they could possibly
have a career in agriculture. (c) 2014 University of Georgia
College of Agricultural and
Environmental Sciences
UGA Extension
Office of Communications
and Creative Services

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