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Cento & Otto Becker – Hero Horses

August 29, 2019

Hero Horses What is Cento doing actually? Olympia Victory in Team Jumping; Born 1989; 1993 – 2006 in sports Cento is doing great. He is now 27 years old and I think for 27 he really looks very well. He is still very sprightly and agile for his age. Cento: he is a character. Not a day goes by you won´t see this. Even at competitions it was obvious. It was clear from the start that he has outstanding potential. His jumping was great and he immediately won his first tournament. The small problems that existed, they were from the first day. To lead in hand when he was having a bad day, that was an adventure. But from the first day there was an incredible connection. I got him as a 6-year-old horse. I rode him at international tournaments for eleven years. He has won a few of the really big competitions. I’m thinking of the big prizes of Calgary and Aachen, which are indeed the two best tournaments that exist worldwide. He competed at several championships and became European champion with the team. He won the World Cup Final in Leipzig – a very special moment. And then had success in two Olympic Games: once the bronze medal in Athens and a special highlight of our career was Sydney, where we won the team gold. These are moments that cannot be forgotten. I am very happy that Cento and I could share these moments. And yes, many of my sporting successes, were in conjunction with Cento It was important to me to retire Cento when he was at his peak. When he was still fit. He was retired from competition at the 2006 World Championships in Aachen with a full stadium. I have to say that was a very special emotional moment which mad me very aware of everything we had experienced. It was incredibly special from start to finish We gradually reduced his training schedule over the years. But we still rode him a bit because he enjoyed the work. That is also why he looks so good for his age. He has a lot of exercise. And he challenges his handler. Here, for example, we have found it to be easiest for his groom Nico to lead him to the paddock everyday. He gets particularly cheeky with me but with Nico he always behaves better As he is a stallion we can´t put him out with other horses. So Cento goes out alone. Depending on the weather we leave him the pasture out a bit shorter or longer. In winter we have small camps and in summer he can graze. He is in a good shape, so it is no problem He enjoys his well deserved retirement here. He has done a lot for me and this is what I can give back to him. I hope that he can enjoy his life for a few more years in good health. That is what I wish for him.

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