CGR Undertow – RIDING STABLES: RIVALS IN THE SADDLE 3D review for Nintendo 3DS
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CGR Undertow – RIDING STABLES: RIVALS IN THE SADDLE 3D review for Nintendo 3DS

August 16, 2019

Horses have weird faces. That’s not a setup
for a joke or anything. That’s just an observation. Look at that face…why’s it have to be
so long? No sir, I don’t like it. It’s Riding Stables 3D for the Nintendo
3DS. Released in December to the 3DS eShop, Riding
Stables 3D is a game with a clear purpose and a clear audience. This is a pet simulator
for little kids, and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. This is actually a pretty decent
pet simulator for little kids, so if you have one or are one…this is definitely a game
to check out. Provided you’re not upset by horse faces. So you play as a horse trainer. Your neighbor
dies, no one conducts an investigation because no one liked him, all anyone wants are his
horses. Turns out he foresaw this prior to his death, because his will says that his
horses will only go to the trainer who wins a makeshift competition. Is that even legal?
No wonder nobody liked him. Before you participate in this fraudulent
contest, you have to prepare. There are 30 different tasks to do, from grooming your
horses to feeding them and playing rhythm games. Because horses only win ribbons if
they can master Elite Beat Agents. Your friends give you advice, your mentors give you missions,
your horses give you… Long faces. Speaking of which, there are 26 different
breeds to choose from, and you can even adjust their genetics, if you’re into that kind
of thing. You can change their hair color, mane length, all that stuff. I’m not a math
guy, but I think that means there are, like, millions of combinations…roughly. The game looks good, too. The horses have
a slightly cartoonish appearance, which is probably a good thing given how terrifying
their real faces can be. But with that said, it’s not the kind of super-polished game
Nintendogs was or anything. To be fair, it’s also a downloadable game…but it is a bit
rudimentary at times, and it did freeze my system. My system doesn’t like to be cold. Freezes 3DS toward end of file, I throw stylus
down and hands up. I’ll tell you what it does like, though—good
games. Obviously, this isn’t exactly some transcendent game, but for what it is…it
does a fantastic job. If you like pet simulators, horses or elongated mammal skulls…saddle
up, gringo. Riding Stables 3D has it all.

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  1. it's not their fault, nintendo systems sell extremely well which results in developers shooting shovelware at their systems because they know they will make money for it.

  2. Why are horses so ugly? Why do they have such big noses? Why are their eyes so far apart? Why such distorted faces?

  3. I find a lot of these comments posted stupid & horrible, just like the people who posted them. If u have no respect or liking of horses don't bother watching videos of them then

  4. Ha ha not only their faces are odd, their whole anatomy is odd xD
    But that is an reoccurring problems in horse games xS

  5. Just give it a few years. Near the end of it's lifespan, I'm sure the idiots without a clue will figure out how 3ds graphics work.

  6. Which is the best horse game for the 3ds? Has anyone played the "Life with Horses 3d" yet? What are your thoughts on it if you did play? 

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