Challenge: Can You Find The Horse In This Photo?
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Challenge: Can You Find The Horse In This Photo?

August 16, 2019

Challenging yourself with brainteasers and
tricky puzzles has become something of an internet trend lately. It can be anything from spotting a specific
letter in a picture, finding faults in a photo or wrapping your head around an optical illusion. I think it’s great fun, and it also provides
you with some sorely needed brain exercise. I still sometimes solve crosswords or sudoku
puzzles, but these last few months I’m spending more and more time doing tricky internet challenges
instead. It’s easy to see why – after all, variety
is the spice of life. So for that reason, I thought I’d give you
a fun test today! Since you clicked on this article, I can safely
say what we’re the same: we’re people who like to test our limits and improve our
ability to solve tricky problems. And I also suspect that you have a competitive
streak. Only 1 in 5 can solve it
If so, then I think you’ll like this tricky test! I’ve seen this one before on the net, but
I think it’s great because the difficulty is just right. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist
to manage, but you still need to focus and take a long, careful look. According to several websites, only 1 in 5
can solve this one right away. So it isn’t easy by any means – I needed
more than 30 seconds to make it. Your mission is to find a horse in the picture
here. Can you do it?
you have fifteen seconds to find the horse. Did you manage to find the horse? Like I said, it’s not easy, so don’t worry
if you couldn’t do it. The answer is here – so if you haven’t
found the steed yet, take one last look at the photo before scrolling down to the solution. Here’s the answer! So the horse is hiding inside the house, in
the middle row of windows. I have no idea how it got up there, but it
sure makes for a good test! Could you do it? Then press the SHARE button to treat your
friends to a fun challenge!

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  1. Trick question: the horse took the photo.

    Edit: Sorry. After posting, I saw that someone else already posted the same comment.

  2. I just want to know how'd they get the horse up the stairs…looks like a walk-up to me! And is he wearing sunglasses. Lol. Does anybody remember the movie bachelor party with Tom Hanks…I know it was a donkey…IJS…Ha ha ha! Oh got it in the thumb-nail…couple of seconds maybe…

  3. Nearly 2 minutes drowning on and waffling, then just 8 SECONDS of real content.
    I do hope this isn't somebody's day job

  4. I found the horse in the thumbnail. Only clicked on so i could type this worthless message that no one will read anyway👍

  5. White horse in the window. But this is eyesight not brains. I wish they would stop saying it is a blind man could be much smarter and can't even see the building much less the horse.

  6. Yeah, tried to convince my wife that "variety is the spice of life." But…she didn't buy that shit. Called me a dog, she did.

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