Champion Horse Trainer Ted Turner Talks About His Horse Trailers
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Champion Horse Trainer Ted Turner Talks About His Horse Trailers

August 23, 2019

Two equine industry leaders, Featherlite trailers and Ted Turner
Junior, recently joined together to form a partnership. Working to create even more innovative
hauling options for horse owners. Mr. Turner is known by many in the
horse industry as one of the greatest all-time halter trainers and has provided equine training and
conditioning for horse professionals from all over the world. I’m very
fortunate to have shown horses for around forty years. I show quarter horses paints, palominos and appaloosas. I started out in the appaloosa business, switched over to quarter horses in 1983 I’m the leading leading exhibitor in the
quarter horse… t he 1983 world champion I’m the combined leader exhibitor of all the breeds put together. And I just hooked up with Featherlite, looking forward to showing off their new things their trailers and I’m very excited to be a part of their team. As a part of their partnership, Ted Turner
will be pulling two Featherlite horse trailers and will serve as a product development
consultant to Featherlite But the reason I really went to Featherlite was because of the quality of work they do, the quality of the trailer and the overall look of the trailer. the trailer because I’m really picky about
how things look and how I want things, and it met all of my specifications. So we put a
deal together where it worked for both of us and Featherlite was gracious enough to have me come on board. I want to do all I can help them promote it. With over 40 years in the equine world, Ted Turner has extensive experience in hauling and using horse trailers He used his personal experiences to
design particular features and options into his Featherlite trailers. It has a lot of room… we live in our trailer on the road.
We stay near our horse and if you ever have to use motels all the time,
it gets to be a real pain! And with these trailers, the way they’re setup, when we get home we clean everything put our clothes back in here and you’ve always got stuff ready to go and it works very well. As far as the horse part of the trailer my first advice for somebody this me personally,… I like a ramp cause when
a horse comes out of the trailer they don’t like to take a big step down. I makes it a lot easier for them to get in and out of the trailer. Also, I like full dividers I don’t like partial dividers, I like
full dividers. In case the horse was to get loose or something or get his head untied he cannot reach around get a hold of another horse or something It just seems like it makes them haul better
do better. I like a little taller trailer. I don’t want them to feel like they’re cramped and with this setup, I think it works very well. L b ook for ted turner and his Featherlite
trailers going down the road and at horse shows throughout this country. For more information on Featherlite horse trailers, visit our website at F T H R dot com

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