Charlie Mackesy on The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse
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Charlie Mackesy on The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

October 19, 2019

I went to an art shop when I was about 19.
Thought the idea of dipping a pen into ink seemed a bit archaic but
I tried it and I really loved how you can get varying thicknesses in
one line with the use of a nib. I just like the process of it. It felt good.
I think it’s really important when you’re making drawings that you enjoy them. Like there’s a pleasure in the movement.
There’s something about laying on ink, fresh ink from a pot. You see it, it’s
shiny, it does things. I think with these drawings of the boy and
the horse and the fox and the mole; I think I’ve like studied them, I’m so aware of
their shapes and how they interrelate and how they’re formed that I think
when you know something you just do it quickly. And also I think
you can tell when there’s a… when there’s lots of movement in a drawing, you can tell
it’s just flowed. And I quite like the freedom that it gives off when you see
sweeping lines and things. The few people I know that have seen it, they seem to
come away with different things and I love that. I would hate to be
prescriptive in what I want people to get because there are also large kind
of gaps in the book where it jumps from one thing to the next. And I like the
feeling that the book raises questions or makes you feel things. So if I had
to prescribe, I would like people to feel more hopeful, more loved, more peaceful,
more confident or courageous, all those things. But it’s a strange thing when you
do a drawing how varied the reactions can be to it. And so I’m
loving the fact that you know that I’ll never know what people get
from it. But I hope they enjoy it. I hope it feeds them, they get conversations
out it actually. I think some of the things, the issues it address,
like what do you think successes is? It’s a massive question. Or what do you
want to be when you grow up? Why are we even here?
I hope that the book kind of catalyses friendships and relationships through
the questions and through the discussions. Maybe people get to know
each other better. Oh, I didn’t know you thought that – kind
of thing. Because in many ways I think the boy ask questions that
adults don’t really ask. I think children often ask the questions that we stop asking.

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  1. Got this book today in fact two copies One for me one for my daughter I absolutely love it. Read it in 10 minutes. Keep going back and looking at it and I will keep going back to it It makes me smile It’s very beautiful Thank you very much Charlie Mackesy I do hope there will be more in the future

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