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Charlie the Unicorn

August 10, 2019

hey Charlie hey Charlie wake up Charlie you see a sleepyhead wake up oh god you guys this had better be pretty freaking importance is the meadow on fire no Charlie we found a map to candy mountain candy mountain Charlie yeah Johnny we’re going to candy mountain come with us Charlie yeah Charlie it’ll be an adventure we’re going on an adventure Charlie yeah candy mountain right I’m just gonna you know go back to sleep now yeah Charlie you have to come with us to Candy Man yeah Charlie Candy Man it’s made of sweets and joy and join us we stop bouncing on me candy oh why fine I go with you the candy valid enough with the singing already my first stop is over there charlie oh god what is that it’s a leopleuradon charlie magical leopleuradon agai dour way to candy mountain oh hi guys you do know that there’s no actual candy mountain right shunned a non-believer yeah [Music] yeah it is spoken just told us the way [Music] it didn’t say anything it’s just over this bridge Charlie’s magical bridge of Hope wondered is anyone else getting like covered in splinters seriously guys we shouldn’t be on this thing I might yeah what do you want we’re at a bridge charlie we’re here well what do you know there actually is a caddy mountain yeah can you mountain you feel me with sweet sugary goodness go inside the candy mountain cave Charlie yeah Charlie go inside the cave magical wonders are to behold when you enter yeah thanks but no thanks I’m gonna stay out here that you have to enter the candy mountain candy cave charlie Oh looking for some cheering up and just head right on up to the candy mountain cave when you get inside you’ll find yourself a cheering I’m such a happy enjoy building Fergie Marilyn that’s naughty pots and yummy dressing candy there’s also many things that will brighten up your day it’s impossible to wear a frown a chair and AIDS Alan is the mecca of love the candy cave they’ve got jelly beans and coconuts or little hats candy rats chocolate bats it’s a wonderland of sweets by they can be trained to counter near the ground babe and Penny bells it’s a trade as they march across the land cherry ribbon streamer crosses time to hug ground turn around kiss now some dancing candy Treat in the candy canes imagination run some free so now Charlie fees where you go into of that cave all right fine I’ll go into the frickin candy cave this had better be good goodbye John yeah goodbye Charlie goodbye what hey what’s going on yeah hello who is that oh yeah what happens they took my freaking kidney [Music]

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  1. me, used to watch this with my brothers back in 2009:

    >the amount of "chaaarlie" still making me laugh 10 years later

  2. If you ever wondered what the blue and pink unicorns were called their names were lolz and roffle

  3. i watch this with my older brother when i was younger and when i saw the videos were still there i was soo happy

  4. 2:43
    'it's impossible to wear a frown in candy town'
    Me: wears a frown
    Everyone in Candy Town: Wait that's illegal

  5. I remember when this was first uploaded. All the kids in the neighborhood knew of it. When my old friend showed me this video I laughed so hard with tears in my eyes for at least 10 min. My friend got pretty annoyed with me and my laughing.

    I happened to laugh easy when I was a kid. Now I'm 25, and while I still think it's funny I can't laugh like I used to.
    Nonetheless, I'm still searching for candy mountain. I'll find it one day too, I know it.

    Shun the non believer and peace out!

  6. Haven't seen this in 11 years but still remember all the words to the Candy Mountain song…Clearly, I have achieved great things in my life.

  7. I was 4 when this was made and I remember ppl saying this at school and it was Aggy I am now 15 and I just got my driver permit

  8. Watching this video in 2009 for the first time when i was 7 along with ForrestFire Lego videos was my SHIT

  9. Fortnite dude: Minecraft sucks and I don’t know why people likes it

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