Checking in on Cold Creek Horses
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Checking in on Cold Creek Horses

October 18, 2019

We are a preparation and adoption facility. We get animals in from the wild. We prepare them for adoption by branding them, vaccinating them, deworming them, testing them for equine infectious anemia, and getting them ready for adoption. Right now we have 50 animals that available for adoption 50 horses and around 140 burros. And then we are obviously receiving the Cold Creek horses and we have about 50 of those right now. They come in, they are unloaded. We usually separate them by gender. So, we’ll have the studs all in one pen and then we will move the mares to another pen and then we will have moms with their babies in another pen. Then usually for the first week if not month we monitor them keep our eyes on them, we don’t move them, we try to leave them alone, we give them good food and calories. Usually when horses come in from the range they are thin so we want to feed them make sure they are healthy. We will have our vet come up and take a look at them. She is going to be up later today. I think what helps is we are all horse people. We all really love the horses. Nobody got into this job because they don’t like horses. So everything we do, we try and think how we can minimize the stress on the animals. We try and keep them in big open spaces with lots of food. Try and create an environment that is as close to natural and happy, they are in big herd groups, they are on five-acre turnouts, we don’t move them them or stress them out or do anything with them unless they are getting ready for adoption. I think one of the neatest things about our facility is that 24 hours-a-day 7 days-a-week there is an access road around it so the public can drive and visit with our animals. We are a very open facility. So the public gets to visit with our animals. They feed them carrots. They bring their kids up so the horses get to interact with people. These are all our three-year-old mares at Ridgecrest Corrals they are from various herd management areas. This little mare approaching me is a Stone Cabin mare. We’ve had her since she was a yearling. She is really sweet. These mares are in really nice condition. they are all slick and shiny and they are in good weight. They are healthy horses. We are looking forward to getting the Cold Creek horses in this kind of shape.

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