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Cherche Le Phantom | Pink Panther Cartoons | The Inspector

September 4, 2019

Sergeant Deux Deux and I
had just finished
our night beat when
the Commissioner contacted us.
[telephone ringing] Inspector here. Inspector, I want you
to report to my office
at once. Sorry to disappoint you,
Commissioner, but
I’m on the way home. I’m all through
for the evening. Well, isn’t that nice. Now hear this. If you are not
in my office
in 10 minutes, you’ll be all through
for good! [stutters]
Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Well, don’t just sit there,
hurry up! Step on it.Si.Ow! That’s my foot, you fool.
There’s the throttle.Si.Ugh! Here comes
that stupid inspector. He’s more trouble
than he’s worth. [tires squealing] Here I am, Commissioner. Commissioner? That’s strange, eh? The Commissioner gone,
a broken window… Hmm. This smacks of foul play. A stack for a smack,
you bumbling idiot. Now get up off the floor
and pay attention. [Inspector] Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Now, you have your choice
of two assignments. One is to find a gorilla
that escaped from the zoo, and the other is
to investigate
a phantom creature that has been haunting
the Paris Opera House. I do believe the phantom
case would be a more
interesting challenge to a crime-fighter
of my caliber
and capability. [laughs] Never mind the baloney,
just get going. On the double! Y-Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Oh, one of these days… [car starting] All right, Sergeant.
To the opera house,
and hurry.Si.Come back here, you fool! Sometimes, I wonder
how he even got into
the French police force. You wait here, Deux Deux. If I need you,
I’ll blow the whistle.Si,Inspector. [Inspector]
As the performance
had ended
several hours before,I figured that the phantom,
thinking that he was alone,
would be more vulnerable
to capture, eh?
Is anybody in here? [echoing] All right,
you phantom creature. I know you’re in here. If you don’t surrender at once, I shall be forced to use
stronger tactics. Aha! So you’re up there, eh? Well, if you don’t come down by the time I count to three, I’m going to drop you
right in your tracks. [laughs] One, two… Help! [crashes] So, trying to
assassinate an officer, eh? Well, this will
put out your light. All right, wise guy,
turn on the light,
or else! Oh, no, you don’t.
You’re not putting me
in the spot. [laughs cunningly]
I’m a bit too fast
for you, eh? Help! Aha! At last, we meet,
Mr. Phantom! It will be wise
if you cooperate. Now, that’s better. There he goes. After him! Aha, he’s running
into the zoo. We can trap him in there
like a caged animal. [tires squealing] [car door closes] Well,MonseurPhantom, I see you decided
to give up
your evil way of life and have put yourself
behind bars. However, we have much better
accommodations for you back at Headquarters. Deux Deux,
get the Commissioner
on the car phone. [Deux Deux] Si, Inspector. [phone ringing] Hello? Oh, yes, Sergeant,
I’ll hold on. [Inspector]Commissioner?Yes, Inspector.
Have you been successful? [Inspector]Oh, yes,
most definitely.
Not only have I solved
the Phantom of the Opera case,
but I also captured
the escaped gorilla. It seems they are
one and the same. [laughs] You might say it was
a case of a gorilla going ape over
opera music, eh, Inspector?
[laughs heartily] Well, bring him in at once. Sorry, but it looks like
I’m going to be detained
for quite a while. He insists that
I remain here and listen to
his entire collection
of opera music records.

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  1. สักวันฉันจะสำเร็จในยูทูป แต่ตอนนี้ฉันไม่รู้จะเริ่มอย่างไร

  2. I definitely love ❤️ this cartoon, especially when it’s a mix the Phantom of the Opera and the missing animal 🦒 case! Tara Dragoknight 🧝🏻‍♀️👋

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