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October 16, 2019

in today’s video we’re gonna talk about
what happens when horses chokes if you’re new here my name is brandi and
this is my horse Miss Kitty this channel is all about horses and my journey with
horsemanship so if you want to learn more about horses or follow my journey
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notifications so you never miss a video I hope we don’t have a choke situation
on our hands here but this just flew out of her nose so I’m gonna keep a little
bit here I just gave him his kitty her grain there’s nothing I can do at the moment this is where it’s really hard with
horses oh yeah that’s all coming out her nose
okay he says that tastes terrible
poor thing Miss Kitty is 26 years old and she gets a senior feed but this just
happened just gave her her grain about ten minutes ago and I’m not quite sure that we need a
vet yet I started filming after about the third cough that I heard out of her as you can see it’s pouring out of her
nose she has drank a little bit of water
today not much I kept her in last night so about I don’t know mmm eight o’clock
last night I brought her in simply because she likes to be in a stall I’m
not gonna let her come in just because she’s got so much stuff coming out of
her nose so she’s gonna stay locked out of the
stall just in case I hate to think this way but gosh if something should happen
the last thing I want is for her going down in a stall but you can see that
stuff’s coming out of her nose she was now horses are unable to throw up not gonna lie this is kind of making me
gag a little bit gosh poor honey I’m gonna see how much green she actually
ate okay she got through half of her grain she says yuck it doesn’t taste good so
she’s my old girl she’s 26 and she’s in semi-retirement so I do use her still
for lessons but she doesn’t work very hard at all and she really needs the
exercise so she still does doo doo a little bit just to kind of give you a
history on her we do have her on private cox which helps her with joint pain
because she is older and she’s on a a joint fluid as well and I have her on
senior feed so I’m gonna keep an eye on her here for
a little bit and I will be putting in a call to my vet but I do believe we’re
dealing with a case of choke here honey do you want a drink let me take a little
drink I’ve had one other horse choke and that
was rain and it happened over ten years ago and it looked very similar to this but she was able to clear it on her own
sometimes they can’t clear it on their own and they need to see the vet or baby okay I’ve been observing her for a total
of seven minutes and I’m gonna go ahead and call the vet and ask some questions and what she said to do is to massage
her from the throat latch and see if maybe there’s something lodged in her
esophagus that might help it go down and we’re gonna keep an eye on her I’m gonna
watch out for couple hours and I’m gonna get in touch with the vet in a couple
hours and give her an update on how she’s doing and if this does not pass on
its own then I’m gonna call and we’re gonna tuber so this is on the vets radar
she knows what’s going on and the fact that I was able to call her ten minutes
into noticing the first sign it is probably a really good thing because
that gives a better chance of being able to catch it don’t know and now she wants
her food I should have asked her that if she could eat her food I suppose if she
shows interest in her food it’s a good sign
we’ll see so a few minutes ago she did not show any interest in her food so
we’ll see if she’s able to eat this without it being an issue I sure hope so
this has been the year of vet bills I have never had vet bills like I have
this year and it’s all been things that was completely not there’s really
nothing I could do about it so Rosie was in January with all of her issues and
then if so if you haven’t seen Rosie story I’ll post a link above be sure to
watch that because man that was crazy and it can happen to any horse so it’s
good to just get the knowledge and I was able to document every single little
thing well I see Miss Kitty’s private cocks pill in there
yes yet right there that’s her previck ox she takes that for her pain for joint
pain and the vet did ask me if she was still on private Cox because if she
wasn’t on private Cox than we would have given her a dose of Banamine and then
with Mainzer just with all of the random weird stuff that happened with him and
the amount of times that I had to call the vet so if you haven’t seen man’s
journey I highly recommend checking that out because it’s been so popular a lot
of people have really enjoyed following his journey and seeing all the weird
stuff that can happen and the way I look at it is I think I think the reason we
had so many strange things because nothing was preventable and it was all
just stuff that just happened but I genuinely think it was like God’s Way of
saying well Brandis the type of person that’s going to share this information
with everybody and create awareness for others so let’s go ahead and let
everything happen to her so she can help educate everybody else that’s that’s my
positive way of looking at 2019 and all of my random vet bills and such you know there’s nothing I can do about
it so you might as well try to somehow be positive okay it’s been about two
hours and Miss Kitty clearly feels a lot better so this is a good outcome here I
think I feel like we got very lucky because this could have turned into a
pretty bad situation basically what happens when a horse chokes is there’s a
mass that gets lodged in their esophagus and when that happens no food or water
can go down they can still breathe it’s not like humans when we choke it it’s
completely different so with horses the biggest problem with
choke is that they can aspirate and it can cause pneumonia so that is something
that I’m gonna I’m just gonna really watch her and make sure that I don’t see
this happening again because that’s pretty scary so in it it’s just a fluke
I mean this can happen to any horse and she’s never had issues eating and
pelleted seen your feed before so I don’t think that that’s a problem she
just happened to it maybe swallow too much at once and it
just didn’t go down so good learning experience for everyone though I think
and stuff to watch for so I am gonna get in touch with my vet and let her know
how she’s doing and then I’m gonna keep a real close eye on her and make sure
that we don’t have any further issues now something that the vet recommended
doing is to rub the esophagus from starting at the throat latch down and
just sort of massage the horse’s neck and sometimes that can help clear the
blockage so I did that with Miss Kitty for oh I don’t know probably about two
minutes and right after I was done doing that she went over and took a drink of
water and seems to be doing fine ever since then so I don’t know if that
really helped or if it’s just a coincidence but hey I’ll take it so
that’s just something to keep in mind if you’ve ever got a horse that you’re
dealing with a situation of choke maybe try just kind of rubbing they’re rubbing
their neck a little bit and trying to free that clog
well I’m really glad to see that Miss Kitty seems to be feeling better
you know I’ve I’ve had a couple situations in my life where I’ve dealt
with choke and so I kind of know the signs to watch for so the moment that
you see stuff running out of your horse’s nose that’s a really good
indication right there but just I was really lucky that I could be here to
watch every little thing happen so it was just coincidence that I just
happened to be there so you think about how many horses go through stuff like
this without anybody ever seen it look at this little cutie pie hanging out
next to Miss Kitty Miss Kitty’s over here just munching on her hay Mainzer is
having himself a little snack he’s getting so big my mom lost a horse last
fall from choke and it was sad because he aspirated and got pneumonia and there
was just really nothing that they could do to save him so it is something that
I’ve seen happen enough times where I know how how dangerous it can be so just
I really hope that this video can help somebody and just being aware of the
signs and what to watch for because it may may help save a horse’s life I hope
now you may have seen I have a video that’s called the the worst part of
owning horses and if you haven’t seen that video that’s Miss Kitty’s mom
that’s in the video so we had her tell she was almost 37 and Miss Kitty’s 26
now so if you want to see a video of her mom and our absolute least favorite
thing about owning horses that’d be a good video to check out I’m gonna keep a
close eye on Miss Kitty and just stay in touch with my vet and now that it’s on
my vet’s radar if something does come up where I need her to come out she’ll be
prepared for it well I hope that you were able to find some value in this
video maybe found it a little bit interesting or in some way or another
this can help you for a future situation so if you enjoyed this video please be
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