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Choosing An Event Horse With Mary King | Blue Cross Pet Advice

October 24, 2019

Hello, I’m Mary King, Blue Cross’s Equine Ambassador,
and this is Morganna. I’ve had a career in Eventing
for over 30 years now, and I’m delighted to be here at
Blue Cross’s Burford Centre today to give you some tips on
choosing a horse for eventing. Think carefully about what you
want to do with the horse. Be honest with yourself and
look for a horse that will help your weak points as
a rider. Make sure you choose a size
and type of horse that you feel
comfortable with. Firstly, temperament is
very important for both ease and safety when caring and riding. A naturally happy horse
enjoys working. Conformation needs to be as
correct as possible to avoid injury problems,
and look for good limbs and hoof shape. For dressage make sure they
are built uphill, have their hind legs naturally
underneath them, aren’t too long or short in
their neck and back, and have three good paces. If you want to compete in
dressage or jumping the horse needs to be athletic
in the way they go. For jumping choose a horse that’s
naturally talented i.e. naturally careful without
being too spooky. The age of horse depends on
your experience, and what you want to achieve. Generally mares and geldings are
easier to work with. Stallions will take much more
time and knowledge. Before choosing a horse, find
out its history to see if it has done affiliated
competitions. If it has, you can look up
past results to see how consistently
it performs. See if it has had time off,
which may mean it has had an injury. Ask as many questions as
you need of the owner or centre you are getting
it from, and ask what are the horse’s
weak points. Look out for any sarcoids
or skin problems, though saying that don’t
turn a horse down just because it has a little problem
as no horse is perfect! Blue Cross has many riding horses
looking for new homes, some of which have the
potential to make great eventing horses for
the right owners. I’ve had experience myself of
riding one of the Blue Cross horses, Sheridan, around the park at
Badminton horse trials I didn’t actually jump
the jumps, but I had a great time paddling
through the famous lake. So I hope some of these tips I’ve
mentioned will be helpful to yourselves looking for your
future horse and I hope that you find the dream
horse you’re looking for.

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