City retracts decision, allowing elderly couple to offer free miniature horse rides on the beach
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City retracts decision, allowing elderly couple to offer free miniature horse rides on the beach

September 2, 2019

come on Rosie come on get up it’s not every day you see a horse on the beach but in this case Rosie’s owner brings her out here a couple times a week just to give children free rides on the beach because it’s one three times a week Marty Knowles and his wife travel from Kingsville to Whitecap beach with their miniature horses offering free rides to children I have problems with COPD and depression so this helps give me something that I can do it’s turning giving you something back to the people but back in April Noll says he began having issues after I’d been driving on the beach I got a call from Parks and Rec saying Noll says after speaking with city officials he was told he would either have to stop offering children free rides on his horses or register as a vendor and pay vendor and permit fees he says the issues began because he occasionally takes donations from families if they offer them the rides are free we accept the donate we you know we’ll take donations and we call it the treat fun to have to be honest with you it just kind of helps cover expenses we drive 70 miles one way to get here but Noel’s says the money he receives isn’t nearly enough to make a profit I’ve had little kids give me five cents that’s all the last time we spoke to the city they told us Noel’s would need to register as a vendor because money was exchanging hands then they told us the horse rides were a liability five weeks later and the city has now retracted their decision the Corpus Christi assistant city manager Samuel Keith’s almond said that after further review it was determined that Noel’s quote no longer met the definition of a vendor and quote which null says he’s happy about I can drive on the beach I can do what I was doing business you know going back the way it used to be Noll says now he only has to sign a waiver viability stating that the city is not responsible for any injuries brendham a 2d action 10 news

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