CLEANING MANZER’S SHEATH (has he dropped yet?) // Versatile Horsemanship
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CLEANING MANZER’S SHEATH (has he dropped yet?) // Versatile Horsemanship

March 4, 2020

today is September 28th and I just
wanted to update you, Manzer is doing really good on his feed now with the
probiotic. it’s been a little over a week I think that I’ve
been giving this to him and he’s finally eating it really good
but I wanted to tell you something I’ve been doing when he’s eating his grain is
I do make it a point to pick up his feet and I’m also getting him used to having
his sheath touched so Wow and I just kinda will sort of poke around and he’s
actually got quite a bit of stuff collecting already okay so for instance
this right here I just picked that out of his sheath this is just oil oil and
dead skin and dirt and that kind of stuff so it’s not like he’s got a bean
or anything like that but this is something that I think is really
important to start messing with right away because I want him to be
comfortable with it so I don’t ever any left his hind leg at me a little bit now
and again like he’s doing it right now um I’ll put my phone down so yeah okay
so for instance I’ll pick up the front foot just enough to pick it up and put
it back down and then there the back foot I’m gonna pick up and I just set it
right back down now I’ll get up in here and I make sure that I can touch him
everywhere and while he’s eating is a great time to do this because he’s
distracted but I’m just picking picking stuff out of there this is good for him
to get used to this make sure he doesn’t nibble on me yeah there’s all kinds of
stuff up inside of there and I’m not feeling I’m feeling one testicle so far
that’s it so he’s not dropped down yet but he’s um now that I’m doing this
though he is dropping down so that’s good because I
want to get them used to this kind of stuff this is really important when you
have male horses you’ve got to be able to clean them I don’t want them comfortable
with it super important I’m going to move them
over and pick up his feet on the other side I already did it once I’m going to
do it again and any time that I can take the opportunity to move them around is
extremely beneficial I just hold up the foot make sure that he’s real quiet with
it the foot the weight soon as he just quiets down and of course he’s not of
course he’s not halter trained yet so I’m doing all this stuff while he’s
loose in his stall so but he’s I think he’s gonna be pretty darn easy when it
comes to doing that dude leave my phone alone okay so I’m going to go back to this
hind foot we’re just gonna pick up and immediately let down I’m gonna do it
again I’ll pick up and let down that was a lot
better I consider that a very successful little training session so I don’t want
to wait until he’s a yearling to start poking around to the sheath because the
bigger they get the more problems you’re gonna have and the more complicated it’s
going to be to work through those problems so and the bigger they get the
more their senses are kind of heightened and they’re like no I don’t really want
you there and I don’t want to get kicked so I don’t want to get kicked I don’t
want it to be a big deal for him simple so we work on that now and try to make
it no big deal my answer is four and a half months old
and every day when he comes in for his grain Nika and Mann’s are each going
their own stalls and they hang out in there for about an
hour and ether grain I think Nika genuinely enjoys having a little bit of
a long time from him and I think it’s really good for him mentally to have to
be away from her he doesn’t get upset about it at all but it’s always been
very gradual the way I’ve done this so it’s just no big deal and I’ve increased
the time at their part over a couple of months so this has been working out
extremely well as the full feeder was just not an option at all it was just a
disaster so I can’t even tell you how many nights I laid in bed listening to
Nika tried to rip it off the wall very frustrating so this has definitely been
a much better solution being able to have this kind of a setup and I’m hoping
that this helps Mainzer be comfortable with being in a stall so if we ever go
to clinics or horse shows or anywhere where he needs to be in a stall that
he’s comfortable with it he loves him shove his nose to the bars hey little buddy Judas knows ever Judas knows ever because yours is cutie I put down
shavings over here because that’s a really wet area they poop and pee there
a lot so I’m gonna see if it’s easier to clean up if I have shaving stone they
that’s the only place that they go all day every day so this is a little
experiment for me to see if that’s gonna work out so he’s either gonna do it he’s
doing now and eat them or leave them be these are pine shavings
so we’ll see what he decides to do with this but what my what my hope is is that
just by having some shavings down it just makes the manure easier to pick up
that’s all Hey Dude hey little buddy hey mama you want to go out little
nicker Nica has the best nikkor she really does hey mom haven’t seen you in
an hour gotta go back in the stall and they’re just in nothing in there they
were just in there you stinker you can man sir both pooped matter of
minutes out here you

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  1. Very informative video, I know you accidentally said gelding instead of male horse but are you going to have manzer gelded when he's old enough, I know there's health benefits to it but there can also be a downside, I'm positive you'll make the right decision for you and manzer in the long run, as always adored your video, keep up the brilliant work you're doing. 🙂

  2. I marvel each time I see Manzer. His mimics are so cute😍. He is curious of everything, never scared, so familiar. This is fantastic to teach him at this early stage the care of his future life. It must be difficult to clean adults' sheath, particularly when they are not gelded.

  3. “He dropped his weenie down 😂🤣😂. I’ve been around horses awhile but that’s always gonna he funny. But seriously he’s such a well adjusted boy. 😍

  4. When will you put a halter on? Or try to lead him? At watch age will he be able to be able to ride him? Thanks for the videos. Have a great day.

  5. I’m sorry if I sound disagreeable but with all due respect, sheath cleaning is vastly overrated and certainly overdone. Often when done it’s not done correctly. And when not done correctly it can be detrimental to the horse’s health. I have posted the link to the AAEP article that supports my assertion here in the past. But I will post it again for those that have not seen it.,potentially%20causing%20microabrasions%20and%20sores.

    I would be more concerned with what appears in this video to be some physitis (AKA DOD) going on with this youngster. This may indicate a dietary change is worth consideration. If I may suggest a reassessment of his cal/phos, copper/zinc balance. These four minerals being in proper dietary BALANCE play a critical role in the healthy skeletal development in young horses. From the appearance of his fetlock joints in this video that is not being adequately addressed in his diet. There are some commercial supplements available that make it very easy and inexpensive for horse caregivers to mitigate this skeletal growth-related condition. I suggest the following,

    Now while this is not a life-threatening and certainly not a future career-ending issue with most nonsport horse breeds. It can be career-limiting if not adequately addressed in the physically demanding sport breeds. If your youngster has a future in the show ring or in some form of performance endeavor in their future, it’s something that can and should be addressed when they are young before angular deviation or OCD (osteochondral dissecans) occurs and the physis closes.

    Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian or licensed equine practitioner of any sort. Any advice offered here is not meant to be construed as medical advice. My opinions and advice are based on a lifetime (45+ years now retired) of professional horsemanship experience in the commercial horse industry as an equine reproductive specialist and equine business management. With a Masters in equine reproduction and an MBA. And having personally delivered in excess of 1500 foals and raised many more than that. As always, before implementing suggestions that I make here please consult with your trusted veterinarian and or CERTIFIED equine nutritionist, (NOT the feed store salesperson).

  6. Interesting how relaxed Manzer is with any handling, he seems to be so easy to work with. Manzer and Nika are both gorgeous, thanks for sharing them with us!

  7. Enjoy your videos very educational keep up the good work! Videos of manzer reminds me of my horse festus he's a 30 year old gelding now got him when he was 5 months old!

  8. To follow Manzer’s story, check out this link

  9. Hi Brandi.
    Weenie Boy is like …" it felt like you pulled a tree out… ooooh more grain. "🤣🤗❤

  10. I didn't know anything about a horse's sheath. Now I do thanks to you. I love learning new and interesting things. Thanks Brandi. 👍❤🐴🐴🙏

  11. When I was about 7 or 8 my school took my class out to a farm, where the farmer demonstrated how to inseminate a cow, and who do you think he asked to repeat the process? Yes me, thankfully I didn't have to do the real thing I just had to hold the cow's tail up and point. I know it's not the same thing as cleaning a sheath, but it's close.

  12. He's really a nice looking colt. I don't remember what I guessed his color would be at birth, but he's turned out identical to his dam. I think I guessed palomino too, but it's a really great phase. They're both sharp. He'd look awesome competing in working cow horse, for sure.

  13. Yes, not good to get a hoof in the face! Let mommy clean your body, bud.
    "Momma Brandi! Yours hands are COLD!" The reason for the hoof up. 😉
    I always scratched my baby boys legs and he'd relax more. Love those skritches! ❤❤❤

  14. Never noticed before, but Nika's blaze covers her left nostril while Manzer's covers his right!! Best Regards from Ontario, Canada, Jenn.

  15. The sooner you start handling everything the better it is for both! You are so careful and calm…great job!

  16. How come Little Man is not with the other horses, because his mother has NO time for him, but there's one thing I can say about Nika, she lets Manzer nurse and for that I'm grateful !!!

  17. You dear lady have a wonderful program and are fantastically gracious with us commenters! Thank you! Oh, thank you for sharing about Buck on YT, I 👍 subscribed.

  18. I know next to nothing so my question isn’t at all meant as a criticism it’s purely based on what I’ve seen other horse breeders do with their foals…. ok that said my question is ‘why haven’t you halter trained Manzer from about a week old as I’ve seen in dozens of videos, won’t it be far harder to do now he is so much older?’

  19. I don't think he loved the taste of the rubber ball, he made a funny face! Good work on all the desensitizing, he is already easier to handle than many adult horses. It is deworming week at my boarding barn and my horse is not a fan of the paste applicator. Today we tried something new and put a towel over his eyes and he took it like a champ! I think Manzer is way ahead of the game compared to my 21 year old scardy-cat, LOL!

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