Code of Honor, The Day After the Travers
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Code of Honor, The Day After the Travers

August 30, 2019

Shug, a massive congratulations picking
up your fourth Travers win yesterday. Take me through the race in the
excitement you felt. Well I was excited and I was excited all day and I was
excited coming into the race but I mean I thought we got in a good
position, I thought Johnny had a good game plan,
and he kind of waited, a horse stopped in front of him he sort of went
to the outside of him and made a big move and the field came
back to him and he was able to win. Talk to me about the progression he’s made
through the summer, he’s a May 23rd foal. Well he was always immature, immature
as a two-year-old physically and mentally and even all through the winter
he was that pace. I’d go up and look at him and I said, “You know, why don’t
you grow up? Won’t you grow up?” And I think after the Derby then he
started to grow up and I think I’m pleased with what I see now
I was very pleased with what I saw Dwyre mentally when he was back, in the
back, in the back and he was eating dirt and he kind of had to shift there one
time to get through and I was able to finish up good and then to come up here
and to have the close to two months that he’s had here has been- it’s been a
pleasure to see. When I worked him on Monday I was really
excited with what I saw and I said, “Well he goes over and runs his race
they’re gonna have him to beat.” Shug, he’s by Noble Mission who stands at
Lane’s End. He’s a full brother to champion Frankel, is it fair to say he’s
been a bit of a surprise for you all along? Yeah, I think so. I think I was a
little surprised when I saw him coming up Lane’s End but I think it was probably
that was a little bit of- they wanted a stallion to stand and
with the Juddmonte connections with Farish and stuff was probably part of it.
But, I know when they sent me this horse I thought to myself, “Why they
sent me a Noble Mission for?” But he went to Payson Park first and he had-
did nothing wrong down there and I brought him up here to kind of finish him
off and get him ready to run and he works spectacular up here, you’re like
whoa. And then he ran really well and he ran really well in the in the Champagne. He stumbled badly and he was
able to circle the field and finish second to a horse who was on the lead the
whole way so we thought that everything was good and then we got a
few bumps in the road nothing major just a temperature. A race I was disappointed in, the Mucho Macho Man, but it’s all been pretty good
since then. So if someone sends you another Noble Mission you’re gonna grab
them with both hands? I’m take them, I’m gonna take them, yep. Alright Shug, massive
congratulations. Thank you Zoe, I appreciate it

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  1. He looks like hes going to be a great older horse! I can see him at 4 and 5 really wrecking all opps when he reaches that full maturity! What a beautifully bred and trained horse.

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