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Collection Showcases Horse Racing History

August 29, 2019

a Lexington man’s personal collection of horse racing memorabilia may keep the stories of the sports most historic figures alive for many decades to come today he gave lex18 s Connor McHugh a first-hand look and tells him about the moment that ignited his lifelong passion this is only a small part of them a trip to Ken Grayson’s basement a lot of these are our Preakness and Belmont glasses is like a walk through horse racing history these are the shoes off account pleat when calculated won the Derby on his way to the Triple Crown from winning racing silks to Triple Crown trophies Grayson has it all I have a saddle that was used in that match race with Sir Barton it’s almost a hundred years old that it’s on loan to the National Museum of racing now even museum directors are jealous of his collection he sometimes loans Churchill Downs its own original records it covers everything that happened that that track from what they paid for pulling stumps to clear the land all the way to building the fence around the track Grayson says it all started with a glass and program at his first Derby more than 50 years ago he since only missed one and amassed enough knowledge and memorabilia to tell the sport of kings is history I don’t know if there’s any one particular special thing I mean they’re all special to me because they remind me of that person or that event Grayson doesn’t plan to stop either even if he misses a Derby in the future I always said I was gonna go 250 Kentucky Derby’s if I was lucky and I’ve already done that so where I ever went to another one or not or missed another one it’s not the end of the world to me keeping up with history is a never-ending race once you’ve been and bitten by the bug big gotcha but odds are Ken Grayson’s collection is a safe bet covering the news in Lexington Connor McHugh lex18 news that is an amazing collection absolutely amazing it’s really cool they talked about the museums are jealous of what he had one of our own records virtual downs flow impressive

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