Community pulls together to support teen injured in horse riding accident
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Community pulls together to support teen injured in horse riding accident

August 21, 2019

THEY HAVE. THEY CAME TOGETHER IN A VERY SMALL TOWN WAY TO HELP A TEEN WHO WAS BADLY HURT IN A HORSE RIDING ACCIDENT. NEWS 13 )S FRANCESCA WASHINGTON SHOWS US THE HEARTWARMING MOMENT. .6:46 auctioneer talking really fast 6:49 THE COUNTY FAIR….. 1:00 Auctioneer again.. IS ALL ABOUT KIDS SHOWING OFF THE ANIMALS THEY )VE WORKED ALL YEAR TO RAISE. 7:00 21, 21 2….. AND AUCTIONING THEM OFF FOR THE HIGHEST PRICE POSSIBLE.. BUT THIS WEEKEND…… 5:44 this girl says she )s going to give how much? Half Half to Gracie 5:51. IT WAS ABOUT HELPING ONE OF THEIR OWN.. 1:50 “I was ready to take those sacrifices and chance it for her. 1:54 MORGAN BECERRA IS TALKING ABOUT HER FRIEND GRACIE JEAN WHITSON, THE 18 YEAR OLD IS RECOVERING AFTER AN ACCIDENT ON HER FAMILY RANCH THREE WEEKS AGO. 1:34 her horse just stepped in a whole and fell with her and it )s caused her severe brain trauma 1:42 FAMILY FRIEND JAREE ELLIOT SAYS WHITSON WAS DEEPLY COMMITTED TO FFA THROUGHOUT HIGH SCHOOL. 5:20 she )s always been someone who connects with animals wild animals or domestic animals we jokingly and lovingly call her the animal whisperer 5:30 ELLIOT STARTED THE TEAM GRACIE JEAN FACEBOOK PAGE AND SHE SAYS THE COMMUNITY IS GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND TO SUPPORT THE WHITSONS 4:56 our whole community often comes together when someone in our community needs support 5:00 2:01 she )s been there for me through thick and thin and I just really wanted her to know I was here for her. 2:08 INCLUDING SOME OF IT )S YOUNGEST MEMBERS. AND BECERRA WASN )T THE ONLY ONE TO STEP UP. 1:18 saying number 1:21. ANOTHER FAMILY DONATED THEIR LAMB TO BE AUCTIONED OFF 1:26 you guys better let go of some money now, 55 hunted 6 thousand AND BROUGHT IN SOME BIG BUCKS.. 2:59 87- 87 last chance 87 i sold 8.500 citizens bank woo hoo..clapping:09. THE COMMUNITY SAYS ITS NOT DONE HELPING GRACIE… 6:00 she )s just a tough outdoorsy cowgirl and she )s just tough mentally and physically 6:05 AND HAVE NO DOUBT SHE )LL BE BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN SOON. FRANCESCA WASHINGTON, KRQE, NEWS 13. THE COMMUNITY RAISED 15- THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR GRACIE THIS WEEKEND. NEXT MONTH THE SAN JON FFA IS HOSTING A BENEFIT ROPING AND SILENT AND LIVE AUCTION AT THE QUAY COUNTY FAIR GROUNDS ARENA..

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