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March 1, 2020

The Great Cross – Romanian Constellation.
Swan or Cygnus is a constellation visible at the zenith, better seen at our country
latitude during summer. Its neighbors are the constellations Vulpecula, Lyra, Draco,
Cepheu, Lacerta and Pegasus. The brightest star of the constellation is Deneb and together
with the stars Vega from Lyra and Altair from Aquila form the summer triangle, or the sailors’
triangle. Romanian peasants recognized in the Cygnus constellation the sign of a huge
cross, perhaps the most important symbol of Christianity. They saw there the cross on
which Jesus Christ was crucified. This association is found in other mythologies, many nation
called Cygnus constellation the Northern Cross, a bigger replica of the constellation Crux
in the southern hemisphere.

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  1. Doar ca dacii cunsteau aceasta constelatie si o adorau cu mult timp inainte de sosirea lui IIsus. Iata:" Getii cinsteau crucea vazand ca una din cele mai frumoase constelatii din emisfera boreala ( 50 de stele vizibile) are principalele stele dispuse in cruce, in dreptul Caii Lactee. Numele constelatiei Lebada este astfel un omagiu adus Pasarii Divine pentru daci."

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